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We are a medical and legal referral service operating in Florida. We find the right medical or legal resources you need to recover from your injury.
We truly understand the situation you’re facing. Many of us have experienced the exact same thing. And like you, we didn’t like being treated like a number during our recovery time. No one does! We strive to make your recovery time as pleasant as possible, ensuring you have access to the professionals you need.
Based on your needs and the provider, many people can get in to see a doctor the same day.
Maybe. But given that you are asking the question indicates you might. We can take your information, and have an attorney review your case.
Seeing a physician you are comfortable with is always the most important thing. However, our medical professionals are specifically included in our network because they have unique and extensive experience with personal injuries. Give us a call; we’ll analyze your situation and you can decide what’s best for you.
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When Should I call 1800 Injured?

1-800 Injured is here for you any time you’ve been injured in an accident.

Why Us

How Does it Work?

We might not be able to make the accident just “disappear” – we can absolutely make sure you get the right specialists in your area.

Why Us

How can we help?

You may indeed need legal representation. If so, we’ll find you the right attorney who will take the time to really understand you and your situation.

After being involved in my first car accident, I was completely clueless as to what steps to take and where to go. After contacting 1-800-injured, I was so relieved that they were able to assist me with all my needs during the first consultation!
The staff at 1-800-Injured made this horrible experience as easy as possible for me.

Mariel De Leon
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