10 Important Things to Check on Your Vehicle Regularly

Checking these few things on a regular basis can be enough to prevent an accident or injury.

  1. The Oil – This is what keeps everything running smoothly. This can be checked by pulling out the dipstick to see where the level of oil is- your car can’t run without the proper levels of oil. This is an easy way to prevent leaks and further car troubles.
  2. Tire Pressure – Improperly inflated tires can cause flat tires, and even worse, car accidents from things such as blowouts. It also decreases your fuel efficiency. When your tire pressure needs to be checked, many cars have a warning light on the dashboard or wheel.
  3. The Brakes – Don’t wait to hear that horrible screech. Have them checked regularly- brakes clearly are one of the most important systems in your car which prevents accidents. Plus, driving with bad brakes in questionable weather is a dangerous hazard.
  4. The Power Steering Fluid – Without it, the power steering can fail, making it more difficult to control your car. This is especially dangerous in emergency situations or on the highway. You can check and refill this yourself, just like the oil.
  5. Alignment – This also allows you to control your car- check this regularly so your car can steer and react the way you want it to when you need to make quick moves.
  6. The Coolant – This is another fluid which helps your car run smoothly, especially in cold weather. But no matter what the weather conditions are, improper levels of coolant or antifreeze can cause serious damage to your car and create a hazard.
  7. Tire Texture – You probably know smooth tires equal danger, especially in wet weather conditions. Bulges, bumps, wear and tear- they are all negative signs and can have a serious impact on traction on the road. Checking these regularly can prevent accidents.
  8. The Air Filter – A clogged air filter is bad for your car and will decrease your fuel efficiency. Most places check it for free when you get your oil changed.
  9. The Transmission Fluid – Yet another fluid essential for your vehicle’s health and safety.
  10. All of the Lights – For many reasons, make sure all your lights are working. Lights help other drivers see you and indicate what you are about to do- this can prevent accidents and tickets. Tickets lead to higher insurance rates.

In the long run, checking and maintaining proper care of all the above can save you money and further car troubles, while preventing accidents.

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