10 of the Strangest Car Accidents


1. The One Who Wanted His License Revoked

The Man Who Wanted to Renew his License, but Crashed into the Licensing OfficeThis is a sure fire way to get your license removed: in 2010, a man who was heading to the Department of Licensing in Washington to get his license renewed pulled into a parking spot when his foot slipped off the brake and onto the gas. He jumped the curb and went about 3/4 of the way through the building. Nice.

2. The One Who Gave Drive-Thru’s a New Meaning

In January 2013, an elderly man got his foot stuck on the gas pedal and drove into a Valentino’s pizza restaurant in Lincoln. While the witnesses dialed 911, the man was more concerned about odering a pizza from inside his car! Bystanders reported that he didn’t appear hurt or in shock about what happened and remained calm throughout the incident.

3. The One Who Was Saved by the Crash

A a sunny morning in 2011, on the roads of Pennsylvania, a 55-year-old trucker started to choke on a piece of apple and blacked out. His truck smashed through the concrete barrier near Lancaster Avenue, which actually caused the apple to be dislodged when his chest smacked against the steering wheel. Investigators found the piece of apple on his dashboard. Phwew! That was a close one.

4. The One Who Just Made It Too Easy

In 2012, Amanda Jeffries stole a pickup truck and was pursued by the police for four minutes until she crashed into the administration office of the San Angelo Police Station. Well, there’s a creative way to turn yourself in.

5. The One Who Made a Mess Out of a Bigger Mess (But which mess is bigger?)

In 2007, 53 year-old Ann Biglan’s Ford Focus literally made a mess because of the mess. Her car was reportedly so filled with trash and rubbish that several old coffee cups and pieces of trash fell onto the gas and brake pedals, which caused her to lose control while backing out of the post office parking lot.

6. The One Who Lost Her Fingernails (Oh, no.)

Lee Redmond is known for her 8.5 meter (28 feet long) nails listed in the Guinness Book of World Records which she hadn’t cut for 30 years. In 2009, she was involved in a car crash involving a four-car pile-up, which caused her to lose her nails. She was reportedly screaming for her nails, not concerned about her internal organs. How do you even drive like that?

7. The One Who Thought he Could Stop the Car Like The Flintstones

In 2011, a 24-year-old man from Rosenville tried to stop his car by sticking his feet out of the car in attempt to brake. It turns out you can’t do that. Sorry, pal. He was reportedly completely sober, but clearly to tired for driving to even be considered. I don’t even know how all these people were sober.

8. The One Who Got Her License in a Surprise Cereal Box

In 2012, the 66-year-old Mery Hasselberger crashed in two different businesses in two days with two different cars. On a sunny Thursday in Illinois, Mary Hasselberger plowed her Ford Taurus through a fence separating a Dunkin’ Doughnuts from a residential area.

The vehicle turned over to hit a tree and a bench. The next afternoon, she crashed through the wall of an Eye Care center three doors down from the first place of her accident. The damages were estimated at $50,000. Maybe she’s trying to take down the area.

9. The One Who Was Distracted by His Own Mother

In 2012 in not-so-sunny New Jersey, a 13-year-old boy stole a car and crashed after seeing his mother driving in the next lane. He was treated for a broken nose and hip. Small world, kid.

10. The One Who Learned to Drive and Pull Pranks at a Very Young Age

In 2013, the Williams from Georgia, were surprisingly O.K. with the fact that a 2-year-old managed to put his father’s pickup truck in “rear” while the dad was unloading the truck. The truck rolled down the across the street and crashed into their neighbors’ house, breaking gas and water lines, two windows, and left a big hole in the wall. No biggie, it happens.

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