1. Use Conditioner – Using a conditioner which contains lanolin. It will give your car a nice waxed appearance, plus the surface repels the rain.
  2. Soda Windshield – Streaks and blotches that accumulate after it rains can be eliminated by pouring soda on the windshield. Just make sure you put a towel at the bottom of your windshield so it doesn’t get on your hood. The bubble in the soda fizz away grime and muck. But if you don’t thoroughly clean your windshield, it will attract dust and dirt, so it’s important to fully clean it.
  3. Vodka in Washing Fluid – 3 cups of vodka, 4 cups of water, and 2 teaspoons of liquid washing detergent: shake the mix well, and pour the fluid into the reservoir.
  4. Window Cleaner – Window cleaner can keep your headlights nicely polished- especially if you rub them with a pair of pantyhose.
  5. Pads – If you have no windshield fluid left, use feminine hygiene maxi-pads to wipe off your windshield. Once you’ve thoroughly wiped it, the windshield will be nice and shiny.
  6. Baby Wipes – You can use them on your windshield and car windows. You can just stick those right in your glove compartment.
  7. Ammonia Water – Use ¼ cup of ammonia and 1 quart of water on your wiper blades to keep them from streaking your windshield.
  8. Tartar Cream – Some rural areas have roads sprayed with oil to control blowing sand and dust. To wipe down all the much, sprinkle cream of tartar over the windshield and wipe the glass down with soapy water. Rinse well and dry.
  9. Kerosene – Use 1 cup of kerosene and a 3-gallon bucket of water and sponge the solution over your car, that way you won’t have to spray the car before washing, rinsing, or waxing. Plus, when it rains, the water will bead off your car and prevent rusting.
  10. Don’t Air Dry – Air drying your car or driving around while it’s still wet can leave watermarks. Use a soft cloth and squeegee to soak up excess water. Assure these don’t pick up dirt that can scratch the vehicle.

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