These suggestions are there to help your driving experience feel less stressful and be more enjoyable. We don’t suggest you use your phone while driving, of course unless you need to check where you are going.


Cost: Free

Trapster App

This app can save you the headache of being caught in lengthy traffic jams, construction zones, alerts you of red light cameras, accident, hazards, children, dangerous intersections, flooded areas, live police, combo cameras, dangerous curves, roadkill, and more! This is a great app than can make your a safer driver, especially if you have a hands-free phone holder in your car, so you don’t have to hold your phone while driving. Otherwise, you can check your phone for alerts when you are stopped.


Cost: Free

Waze App

A great alternative to Google Maps, Waze gives you up-to-date traffic conditions, provides live outing maps, give you voice assistance (which is probably the best part, because you can set up a Morgan Freeman voice to tell you where to go, how epic), alerts about road hazards, and notifications when a Facebook friend is heading towards the same location.

Gas Buddy

Cost: Free

Gas Buddy App

This app works in the U.S. and in Canada. It allows you to locate the cheapest gas stations in your around you. All you have to do is input your city and state, or zip code, and the apps generates a list of gas prices in the area. Users submit the gas prices they find, and are rewarded by being entered in a draw to win prizes.


Cost: $5.99

TripAlyzer App

This one gives you information about your driving habits. It gives you an efficiency rating based on driving habits, shows your MPG, your carbon dioxide emissions, and record how much gas you refill.


Cost: Free

RepairPal App

This is an award-winning app that helps you keep track of your car repair history, generates estimates for repair costs, give recommendations for the best garages in your area, helps you get roadside assistance, and synchronize all the repair-related information with your online account.

INRIX Traffic

Cost: Free

INRIX Traffic App

This is great for road trips especially. It shows you traffic conditions on more than 6.4 million kilometers of road. This is the best option when you need to get to a location on time.


Cost: $8.99

Dynolicious App

This measure your car’s performance metrics, including acceleration time, horsepower, and more.

Find My Car

Cost: Free

Find My Car App

This is ideal if you are one to often forget where you park and end up wandering around helplessly. The app stores your parking location for you to find later.

Craftsman Garage Door

Cost: Free

Craftsman Garage Door App

Using this app, you can control your garage door with your phone. It will also alert you if if the door is opened or closed by someone other than you. You can also add a plugin which lets you control the light inside the garage.


Cost: Free (with $0.99 upgrade)

Honk App

If you always forget when your meter is expiring and where you park, this little one can help you with both. It shows you where you parked, how much time is left on your meter, and lets your know when it’s expired.


Cost: Free

GoPoint App

If you want to keep your car in good health, this little app can help. It shows you your vehicle’s engine RPM, engine load value, coolant temperature, fuel economy, and other performance metrics.


Cost: $4.99

iOnRoad App

This one will help you be a more cautious driver. It uses you phone’s camera to display potential hazards for you. The award-winning app has features such as collision warning, speeding, and tailgating, with other analytics.


Cost: $0.99

GasHog App

Similar to a few other apps, this keeps track of your vehicle’s fuel economy, but it also has a log, stats, and tips section.

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