Car Accidents Hialeah

Car accidents in Miami are almost as common as Cuban colada… Too many distracted drivers on South Florida roads results every day in major auto accidents.

Right after a car accident, people usually feel helpless. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of your vulnerability and act as if they are helping you, when reality is far from that.

If your car is drivable do not let the tow truck driver take your car to a body shop. An insurance company can take several days to look at your car and most likely will not pay for the storage fees. The tow truck driver will push for it and promise the world because there’s a fee for taking cars to certain body shops. Moreover, they’ll also tell you to rent a car and tell you that it’ll get reimbursed but that is not 100% true. Most insurance companies will not pay for a car rental until they assume liability for the accident. Could you imagine if it takes an insurance company a week to see the car? Storage fees are about $100 day and a rental is anywhere from $20-$50 day depending on the vehicle. These charges are on a calendar day basis so you could be down over a $1,000 in a week if you don’t play it smart. If you can afford to pay your deductible it’s better to file a claim with your insurance company because it’ll be a lot faster and you can have them deal with the headaches and go after the at fault insurance.

Trap #1: Don’t let them store your vehicle at their buddy’s body shop.

Trap #2: Do not rent a car and expect the at fault insurance company to pay for it until they assume liability for accident.

Trap #3: Do not take money from a tow truck driver for referring you to a doctor. That’s FRAUD!

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