5 Important Faces We Lost To Car Accidents

We don’t like to think about what can happen when we get in in our cars, but the fact is that accidents can, and frequently do, happen. Car accidents are as old as cars, and actually older than the internal combustion engine. While most of us get away with sprains, whiplash, or broken bones, we’ve lost some of our biggest names to motor vehicle collisions since then. Here are just a few of the famous people who are still in our public consciousness even though their lives were cut short.


Paul Walker (2013)

Paul Walker earned international fame for his role as Brian O’Conner in The Fast and the Furious, which he reprised in five of the six sequels. His death in an auto accident in 2013 drew a particularly large amount of attention in part because of the characters he played in his films (even though he wasn’t driving at the time). His car hit a concrete lamppost while traveling over 100 mph in a 45 mph speed zone in Valencia, and both he and the driver are thought to have died before the car burst into flames.

Ryan Dunn (2011)

Jackass star Ryan Dunn was known for his outrageous stunts and his sense of humor. He starred in 3 Jackass films, which defined his career until his death. Dunn was killed in an auto accident when his Porsche 911 GT4 went off the road and hit a tree. Because Dunn was shown to have a high blood alcohol level during his toxicology report his death has been held up as an example for the dangers of drunk driving.

Natasja Saad (2007)

The Danish reggae and rap singer Natasja Saad had just reached worldwide fame with her remix of Calabria when she died in an accident in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Before reaching global status she was well-known in her home-country of Denmark, and was buried at Copenhagen’s cemetery for artistic and pioneering personalities, which includes the remains of other famous danes like nuclear physicist Niels Bohr, and philosopher Soren Kierkegaard.

Princess Diana (1997)

Princess Diana’s death in a car accident in Paris shocked the world in 1997. She was wildly popular at home, throughout the Commonwealth, and abroad. Princess Diana was hailed as a champion of the people and a supporter of the disenfranchised. She worked to with organizations that battled various diseases like cancer and HIV, as well as supporting de-mining operations and advocacy for victims of landmines. It is believed that princess Diana died wrongful death in consequence of injuries incurred while she was being harassed by the press.

James Dean (1955)

Jimmy Dean hit Hollywood with a splash in 1955 becoming an instant star in films like East of Eden, Rebel without a Cause, and Giant. Unfortunately, he only saw the first motion picture released. Dean died in a car crash on Route 466, cutting his career short. He was the first actor to posthumously get an Academy Award nomination.

Accidents can and do happen and you need to be prepared in case they happen to you. It is important to know the symptoms of whiplash and other common car accident injuries and know what to do when you are either involved in or you are a witness of an auto accident. You can always call 1-800-Injured to be connected to a local car accident lawyer.

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