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1-800-Injured is a medical and legal referral network registered with the Florida Bar as a Qualifying Provider. As a referral network for personal injury victims and attorneys alike, we connect our clients with experienced professionals who can help them with their unique personal injury needs.

Victims of personal injuries may choose not to contact an attorney because of the additional stress of the search process, which is why we make connecting to a lawyer in their area simple and convenient. Following an initial consultation with our team, we reach out to our network in order to find an attorney who is ready and willing to take the case as soon as possible. By reducing barriers to finding an experienced and proven attorney, we hope to empower personal injury victims to fight for the compensation they are rightfully entitled to following an accident someone else caused. 

In addition to the many benefits afforded to personal injury victims, 1-800-Injured simplifies the process for attorneys to find and refer their clients to quality medical providers and specialists across Florida. When an attorney does not need to track down available providers and specialists, they can focus their energy on providing their clients with exceptional legal representation. Our network of providers is constantly growing, meaning that victims and attorneys alike gain access to a valuable, extensive network of professionals who are here to help.

1-800-Injured was founded in 2014, and since then has grown to include over 100 medical providers offering treatment in chiropractic, physical therapy, interventional pain management, orthopedic, neurology, and neurosurgery. Our mission is to enable an attorney the comfort and confidence to assist their clients with finding quality options to choose from, for whatever medical needs they may have, all while making the process as seamless as possible through unparalleled service and our proprietary platform. 

Whether you are an attorney, a personal injury victim, or a medical provider or specialist, contact us now so our team can help you take advantage of the 1-800-Injured referral network as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on advancing our platform to make the connection process as simple as possible for all of our clients, regardless of their unique situation or needs.

To contact us via email, mail to info@1800injured.care

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