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No matter how serious or minor your car accident is if you have been injured and if there are measurable damages associated with your injuries then you are entitled to financial compensation. In many cases, someone injured in a minor car accident may think that their situation is too minor for an experienced attorney to take and that they should just deal directly with the insurance company in order to settle as quickly as possible. This is rarely, if ever, the case, and even if it is the case it is still worth speaking with an attorney about all possible options.

1800-Injured is a great resource for victims of car accidents, no matter how serious or minor, to connect with proven attorneys who will fight for every dollar that their clients are rightfully owed. This process starts with an initial consultation, where the victim has an opportunity to speak directly with the legal professional about their accident, their resulting injuries, and the impacts that the accident has had on their life. In addition, they will be able to ask specific questions about their options and learn more about how the particular attorney has helped clients in similar situations before. This consultation is an important step to take so that the victim can understand what to expect as they move forward, and to build a rapport with the attorney before hiring them.

Injuries In Minor Car Accidents

There are any number of injuries that someone can sustain in a car accident at any speed, meaning that depending on an incalculable number of variables, an individual can suffer significant injuries from a fender bender. This is especially true in motorcycle accidents. At low speeds, whiplash is one of the most common injuries. Concussions can also occur at any speed.

Causes and Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash is caused by the quick jerk of a head forward and down, or back and down, after an unexpected impact. This quick ā€œSā€ motion compresses the tendons, muscles, ligaments, and disks in the neck and spine, and then stretches them rapidly. The resulting damage can be tears, ruptures, and otherwise general stiffness, headaches, trouble sleeping, and limited mobility.

A victim of whiplash in a low-speed collision may be embarrassed to admit that they were injured, but because of the way this injury is caused, it is very common and needs to be addressed. See a doctor as soon as possible so that you can be treated for this injury, and to ensure that you do not do anything to complicate or otherwise hinder your recovery.

Causes and Symptoms of Concussions 

Depending on the direction of travel and the direction of impact, a passenger can have their head knocked into a window, dashboard, or may suffer a secondary accident if an airbag is deployed. Regardless of exactly how the impact happens, a concussion is an injury caused by an impact to the head that causes the brain to rattle and damage the soft brain tissue. A concussion can result in symptoms such as temporary loss of consciousness, memory issues, headaches, problems sleeping, mood changes, and more.

If you suspect that you or one of your passengers has suffered a concussion, it is important that a medical professional treats the injury to ensure that there are no additional issues that arise from the concussion. 

Working With Insurance Companies For Minor Car Accident Settlements

After you have established the type and extent of the injuries that you have suffered in the car accident, you will need to take this information to the insurance company in order to begin calculating damages and the amount of money you are owed. The company will be quick to dismiss non-economic damages, which is another reason it is very helpful to work with an attorney. This way, you can be certain that any of the pain, suffering, and anguish that you have been forced to endure as a result of your injuries will be considered and compensated fairly.

At first, you and your attorney will work through a series of negotiations with the insurance company in order to hopefully reach an out-of-court settlement and avoid a lawsuit. If you are unable to reach an agreement, then you and your attorney will decide if a lawsuit is appropriate for the situation or if you will accept less money in a settlement than you had initially hoped for. When you are working with an attorney through 1800-Injured, you can be confident that you are working with an aggressive attorney who is fighting for your best interests at all time.

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