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Luis Posada Carriles, 87, was injured in a car accident on Thursday, August 24. He suffered a broken clavicle and several rib fractures. Though the injuries aren’t severe, they could be serious because of his advanced age.

Posada Carilles is wanted for extradition by the Cuban government for his involvement in the 1976 Cuban Airliner bombing. The cuban national-turned-CIA-agent trained with the US army at ft. Benning in the 60s and participated in anti-communist activities against the Cuban government in cooperation with groups that are classified as terrorist organizations by the FBI.

Cuban authorities also believe that he was involved in multiple assassination plots against Fidel Castro, and a bombing attempt at a hotel that killed an Italian tourist in 1997.

The U.S. has refused Cuba’s extradition requests on the grounds that he might be tortured, and he’s currently living out his retirement in Miami.

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