Andrew Rosenberg is a member of the 1-800-Injured Network

Practicing law has always been an extremely challenging yet fulfilling and rewarding career for Andrew. His law firm handles cases involving motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, slip and falls, as well as general negligence matters. His office staff is extremely thorough, and they will explore all the possibilities and exhaust all avenues in order to obtain the best results for their clients. From the moment Andrews clients meet with his staff and himself, they will be assured that all of their questions will be answered, and Andrew and his team will explain all aspects of their case. The clients understand that it is their job to heal from their injuries, and it is Andrew’s job to protect their legal rights and to eliminate the stresses associated with their case.

Andrew’s clients know him as a straight shooter, and that is why so many of his clients (current and former) refer their friends and family to his office.

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