Jaime Suarez

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Mr. 786ABOGADO might seem a strange name for an attorney or any human, but Jaime Suarez has lived with this title since 2014. The reputed South Florida attorney coined that name for seeking trademark protection from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

“I am a sort of celebrity in the Hispanic community because of my unique promotional methods and a powerful online presence,” says the famed attorney about his unique name and his penchant for publicity. “I have hundreds of bus benches with my unique name across the Miami-Dade County. My billboards also adorn the outskirts of the North Miami-Dade County stretching all the way to the Upper Keys.”

Attorney Jaime Suarez has a beautiful office nestled between Coral Gables and Little Habana. The name Mr. 786ABOGADO evokes interest and awe among the men and women of Florida, and they all look up to him as an inspiration.

Jaime Suarez has a robust online presence and has posted thousands of images and numerous blogs that are sure to become a legacy long after he is gone. Mr. 786ABOGADO has become an unstoppable train that’s racing ahead full steam ahead of competitors.

Jaime Suarez studied at Hialeah High, a public High School where minorities were in the majority and where the drive and skills of students decided their destiny.

Right from his school days, Mr. 786ABOGADO was a hustler and a talker who had a way with words. He would impress even the most astute scholar. He was laser-focused in his dream of making it to the top. He was inspired by giants like Jim Kelly, Vinny Testaverde, Bernie Kosar, and the UM elites and wanted to become like them. His dream came true when he was accepted to the University Of Miami.  Later he attended the Alma Mater’s School of Law and graduated with the highest honors.

His journey towards fame and prosperity began in October 2000 when he became a lawyer and began his practice. His life revolved around the ring and the courtroom. He chased insurance companies and forced them to provide the deserving compensation to his injured clients. Soon the advocate became a proponent for the less fortunate who didn’t have any voice to raise against injustice.

In early 2021, he attained a key milestone by recovering $100 million for his clients. He continues to perfect his game as a member of The Florida Bar.

Mr. 786ABOGADO is a celebrity, a minority, and a millionaire. He has become a charismatic figure and is an inspiration for many in South Florida who aspire to become like him.

Mr. 786ABOGADO has accomplished what many attorneys have not. His clients love him, respect him, and admire him. He has garnered over 500 five star reviews on Google to date as a practicing attorney.

South Florida residents involved in an accident can contact Mr.786Abogado and be sure of getting their deserving justice.