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In 1994, Michael (“Mickey”), a native New Yorker, relocated to Tampa, Florida, where he enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserves and pursued his college education.  During his first year of military service, Mickey was deployed to Haiti for “Operation Uphold Democracy”.  Upon his return, he renewed his studies at and after graduating from University of South Florida, he attended the Levin School of Law at the University of Florida. In 2003, his final semester of Law School, Mickey was once more called to active duty service with the Army, deploying this time to the Middle East for Operation Iraqi Freedom.   This final deployment redefined Mickey’s life and legal career.

Mickey returned from his service in the Middle East and began his legal career practicing insurance defense work, first as an Associate, at Gallagher & Howard, then as a Partner in Gallagher & Keenan.  Although his experiences were rewarding, he felt the need to give back, to help others.  In 2014, Mickey founded the firm “MICKEY KEENAN, P.A.”  The mission of the firm is to provide personal care to each client, ensuring that all enjoy the family experience it offers.  Mickey uses his experience as a defense attorney to fight for the injured victims and his experience in life to ensure his clients are taken care of.  The entire team at “MICKEY KEENAN, P.A.”, is available for each and every client.  The team seeks to care for all of a client’s needs, helping find proper medical care, assisting with property damage, fighting with insurance companies to ensure awarded just compensation. Mickey is sensitive to the stress and fear that result from the recovery from an injury, the payment of medical bills, and the challenge of the return to a normal life. 

Service in the Army and the deployments and experiences that service brought, provided a new appreciation for the gifts and good fortune he has been provided. The product of a strong, loving family, Mickey has been ingrained with the core values of duty, honor and loyalty. These personal attributes are now enhanced by his compassion and commitment to serving those in need.  “MICKEY KEENAN, P.A.” is a reflection of that dedication to service.  Mickey and his team use their experience and arsenal of legal tools to provide clients the service and justice they seek and deserve.  Mickey is committed to ensuring that his clients are secure in the knowledge that they are not alone through the legal journey that lies ahead.  The maxim at “MICKEY KEENAN, P.A.” is that the handling of a personal injury matter is more than just to obtain compensation for the client; but to guide them on the return to normalcy.  When you join the “MICKEY KEENAN, P.A.” family, You Are Not Alone.  Accidents happen and when they do, our family is here for you.