One 35-year-old woman in Styria, Austria, has damaged over 1,000 cars’ paint jobs over the past 6 years. Police say they are unable to stop her because an unknown mental condition keeps her from being held responsible for her actions.

Although 1,000 victims have come forward, it is very highly likely that the woman has caused damage to a higher number of vehicles, since most people don’t bother getting the police involved for such matters. Even a police officer reported having his car damaged by the suspected woman.

Neither the police nor the state prosecutors can do anything at the time being, until the woman is reported for a crime with a punishment of at least one year in jail. Without this factor, courts are unable to send the woman off to a psychiatric institute for criminals.

The police suspect this has been the same woman for the past 6 years, due to the recurring zig-zag patterns found on dark-colored vehicles.

If you’re planning on visiting Austria sometime, and want to rent a car… it’s recommended you avoid renting a dark-colored car! How bizarre.

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