Concussion Accident Attorneys

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Accidents that cause physical injuries can have a serious, long-term impact on the victims. The frustration that comes with these injuries can be significant when someone else is responsible for the accident. It hardly seems fair that someone should be held financially responsible for the repercussions of an accident that someone else caused, which is why tort claims provide a pathway towards compensation for victims of someone else’s reckless or negligent behavior. Either through a personal injury claim to an insurance company or a lawsuit filed directly against the responsible party, the victim can request fair compensation for a range of impacts on their lives. This compensation includes the most obvious things such as medical bills and lost wages, and extends to additional impacts like the pain and suffering of the specific injuries and the emotional impacts the accident and injuries have had on the victims life. 

One of the problems with tort claims is that they are complicated, and insurance companies know they can leverage this fact to their advantage. When an individual victim files an insurance claim against the responsible party, the insurance company will not volunteer the more complex damages, instead seeking the shortest path to a settlement for as little as possible. Often, as they suffer through pain, shock, and financial concerns following the accident, victims accept this low offer without realizing their mistake until it is too late. This is where a personal injury attorney comes in handy.

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1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service. When you contact us for a free consultation about your concussion injury, we will be able to refer you to an experienced and proven attorney in your area who is ready to take your case as soon as possible. One of the biggest barriers to hiring an attorney after an accident can be the additional effort required, which can seem overwhelming in the early days of serious injuries — particularly if it’s a concussion or other brain injury. Instead of taking on this additional stress and responsibility, let us connect you with a seasoned personal injury lawyer who can help you get on the path toward a fair and comprehensive settlement today.

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What Is a Concussion?

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by a trauma to the head. When the head suffers an impact, it can cause the brain to be jolted inside the skull which, according to the CDC, can lead to “chemical changes in the brain and sometimes stretching and damaging brain cells.” The side effects of these changes vary depending on a range of factors, including the severity of the concussion, the specific location on the brain of the injury, and more. The most important thing to recognize is that any concussion, regardless of severity, requires medical care immediately in order to avoid any complications.

Seeking Compensation For a Concussion

A concussion is treated like any other type of injury during a personal injury case, in that the nature of the injury is only relevant when determining the impact it has on the victim’s life, and the compensation they are owed as a result. The first step in a personal injury case is proving fault, which is done through a number of methods depending on the cause of the accident. Your attorney will be responsible for this task so they can move to the next step of calculating the damages owed to you.

Economic Damages

Economic damages make up the foundation of your claim, because they seek payments for the most measurable of damages. Essentially, any damage that has a set price or measurable dollar value associated with it is an economic damage. They include things like the cost of your medical care; any lost wages and other impacts to your earning; and many other costs, financial losses, and expenses. While these damages are simple to tally, it can be complicated to know what you can and cannot include in your request, but your attorney will be experienced in gathering all of your damages to ensure that you are seeking the most money possible.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are a bit more complicated than economic damages because they seek compensation for damages that do not come with dollar values. They include things like the pain and suffering of your injuries; emotional impacts such as trauma, depression, and the mental effects of a concussion; and more. As you can imagine, assigning a dollar value to something as nebulous as “depression” can be complicated, but your attorney will have a range of tools at their disposal to do just that. Insurance companies tend to push back more aggressively on non-economic damages because of this complexity, but when you are represented by a skilled personal injury attorney you can be confident that they understand the process and will be fighting for your best interests.