Frontal Lobe Damage

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In any sort of impact accident, one of the many injuries a victim is at risk of is a traumatic brain injury. The term “traumatic brain injury,” or TBI, covers a range of injuries that include concussions, brain swelling, frontal lobe damage, aneurysms, and more. The long-term risks associated with even a minor brain injury can be significant if left untreated, which is why it is absolutely essential that you see a doctor as soon as possible. 

If someone else caused the accident leading to your brain injury, then you may be entitled to compensation. Most commonly, this is done through an insurance claim, although there are plenty of instances where a personal injury victim needs to file a lawsuit directly against the responsible party in order to recover the money they deserve. Regardless of the path forward for your own unique situation, working with a personal injury attorney is a great way to get experienced legal support throughout this process. Many people believe they should only work with a lawyer if they are planning to file a lawsuit, but the reality is that a personal injury lawyer can help you through your insurance claim, as well.

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Signs Of Frontal Lobe Damage To Look For

If you or a loved one has been in a car accident or any other type of impact accident, it is important to look out for the signs of a traumatic brain injury. The most important thing to look out for is whether or not there was an impact to the head or skull, which should be examined by a medical professional to ensure that there are no complications that may not be easily recognizable. One type of traumatic brain injury is damage to the frontal lobe, a part of the brain responsible for things like voluntary or sequential movements, language, and is largely responsible for the emotional traits that comprise our personalities. Damage to this lobe can have widespread and seemingly-unrelated impacts.

Movement Issues

The frontal lobe is responsible for voluntary movement. If a victim is experiencing difficulty controlling their body and movements, this could be an indication of damage to the frontal lobe.

Difficulty Performing Sequences of Tasks

In addition to controlling voluntary movement, the frontal lobe is also in charge of carrying out tasks requiring sequences of movements. If someone is experiencing difficulty engaging in tasks requiring multiple movements, this may be another indication of an injury.

Trouble With Language

The frontal lobe controls speech and language, and someone who has suffered an injury to this area of the brain may have trouble forming sentences or recalling words, among other language-related issues that could indicate a problem.


As the largest lobe of the brain, the frontal lobe handles many tasks, including organization and planning. New difficulty in organizing or planning may be a symptom of damage to the frontal lobe.

Mood Swings

Many TBI victims report significant and uncharacteristic mood swings, and damage to the frontal lobe can play a major part in this specific symptom. The frontal lobe helps regulate moods and emotions, and changes to the chemistry of this lobe can cause unpredictable mood swings.

Changes in Personality

In addition to mood swings, frontal lobe damage can cause significant changes in a victim’s personality, including depression, irritability, and aggressive tendencies that were not present before the accident.

Other Symptoms To Watch For

The frontal lobe is essential to a wide range of functions, meaning that the symptoms a victim may exhibit following a frontal lobe injury can be varied and unpredictable. In addition to the aforementioned symptoms, the following may also indicate an injury:

  • Poor impulse control
  • Inappropriate social behaviors
  • Lack of motivation
  • Apathy
  • Difficulty with reasoning or problem solving
  • Trouble interacting with others

The most important thing to remember is that if you or a loved one has suffered a blow to the head, they must see a doctor to get proper medical care. Even minor damage to the frontal lobe can cause long-term impacts on the victim’s life, and a medical professional will be able to come up with a treatment plan to work towards reducing or eliminating these long-term impacts through appropriate care.

Seeking Compensation After a Frontal Lobe Injury

A frontal lobe injury is treated like any other personal injury in terms of a tort claim, meaning that your attorney will work to quantify the economic and non-economic damages you have suffered as a result of your injury and seek this compensation as a settlement or an award following a trial. Economic damages will include the cost of your medical care, as well as the short-term and potential long-term impacts to your ability to earn a wage, among a range of other financially-measurable damages that are common with personal injury cases. 

In addition, they will seek compensation for the non-economic damages you have suffered, things that do not have a price tag associated with them, such as pain and suffering, a decrease in the quality of your life, and more. Working with an attorney is a great way to ensure that all of the damages you have suffered are examined, quantified, and included through negotiations with the insurance company or the responsible party’s legal team. 

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