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Each year, Pinellas County experiences over 10,000 car accidents with injuries, and unfortunately, many of those hurt or killed in crashes are from Clearwater. Driving on the Florida roads and highways can be a risky proposition. If you are one of the thousands of people injured in a car accident, a personal injury lawyer can help you recover physically and financially. Contact us to learn how a Clearwater Car Accident Lawyer can pursue your legal claim for damages.

Factors Affecting the Severity of a Crash

There are several factors that can affect the seriousness of a car accident:

  • Speed at the time of the impact
  • Weight of the vehicles involved
  • Number of vehicles involved
  • Type of cars involved (vehicles have different safety ratings)
  • Whether or not there were secondary or tertiary impacts
  • The conditions of the road (surface type, inclement weather, et cetera)
  • Whether airbags deployed
  • Age, weight, and physical condition of the occupants
  • The time that emergency workers take to respond


Whether or not you’re injured in a crash and the severity of those injuries is largely dependent on the above factors. A car accident injury attorney can examine the police reports and photographs of the accident and determine how best to present the information during settlement negotiations or litigation.

Physical Recovery from an Accident

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, your first responsibility should be to attend to your physical health. If you weren’t transported to the hospital following a significant crash, you should seek medical attention immediately. Many latent injuries can’t be detected by the cursory examination that paramedics are able to provide, and it’s vital that you find out about them as early as possible. In the event that you need to pursue a claim against your insurer, a medical report showing that you were injured in the car accident can be the difference in obtaining a speedy settlement or having to fight for it in court.

The True Cost of Recovery From an Accident

Unless you or someone you know has been through a car accident with injuries, you’re probably unaware of exactly what is involved in making a full physical recovery. Your medical costs begin to accrue immediately and can include: 

  • An ambulance ride to the hospital
  • Emergency room fees
  • Blood work and testing
  • MRIs and X-rays
  • Surgery
  • Follow-up appointments with your doctor
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain medications, anti-inflammatories, and other medicines

And, of course, these are only the costs directly related to your healthcare. Other tangible and intangible expenses include:


  • Property damage to your car and its contents
  • Towing and impound fees
  • Lost wages from missing work
  • Diminished future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering


A full financial recovery means calculating your total losses and expenses from an accident and making you whole. A Florida car accident lawyer knows how to determine your total loss and understands what it takes to get full reimbursement from the responsible parties.

Your PIP Insurance

Under Florida law, both vehicle owners and drivers must have $10,000 worth of personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. PIP benefits are paid by your own insurance, and not the at-fault party. That’s what’s meant when Florida is referred to as a “no-fault state.” PIP will pay 80% of your medical bills and 60% or your lost wages for up to $10,000. The rest is recovered from the at-fault driver and their insurers. In almost all accidents with injuries, the medical expense will exceed $10,000. If you’re rushed to the hospital, most of that $10,000 will be consumed within the first 24 hours.

Mitigating Factors in Car Accident Claims

Any car accident can be dangerous or deadly, but there are often factors that make them particularly perilous. Some of the most common mitigating factors involve weight disparities and intoxication. Here are a few examples:


Because motorcycles weigh less than cars and trucks, they almost always fair worse in accidents. Motorcycle riders usually sustain injuries when their bikes are impacted and when they impact the road. Consequently, the injuries to motorcyclists and their passengers are usually very severer.


Large commercial vehicles weigh several times more than even the largest cars on the roadway. Because of the increased risks involved with being struck by such a heavy vehicle, there are numerous state and federal laws regulating commercial trucking. Car accident lawyers know how a failure to comply with these regulations can increase the risk of injury to other parties.

Drugs and Alcohol

Intoxicated drivers tend to be less attentive and drive their vehicles at higher speeds. Those factors will often increase both the risk and severity of injuries. Florida has a higher DUI rate than the national average, so the likelihood of being struck by a drunk or impaired driver is also higher. A Florida car accident attorney can ensure that you don’t have to pay for another driver’s poor judgment. Refers Clients to Car Accident Lawyers and Medical Services in Clearwater, FL and the Surrounding Areas

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, chances are that you’re going to need help getting a full and fair recovery. Insurance companies will usually pay for your vehicle damage and some of your medical bills, but will fight you on full reimbursement. Talk to a Clearwater car accident lawyer about getting full financial compensation. Attorneys work on a contingency basis and your consultation is free.

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