Car Accidents

If you have been hurt in a car accident that someone else caused, then the most important step that you can take after addressing your immediate medical needs is to find a car accident lawyer in your area. Many people believe that they should file an insurance claim before partnering with an attorney, but this is a common mistake that the insurance companies love to take advantage of. From the moment you make your first contact with the insurance company representing the responsible driver, they will spring into action to identify and leverage every possible reason to limit your settlement amount. When you start the process with a lawyer representing you, every conversation with the insurance company, every document submitted, and every step taken will be done with their experience and guidance. 

1-800-Injured provides victims of car accidents with free access to a large network of car accident and personal injury attorneys in their area. Instead of taking on all of the initial research to find a lawyer who covers car accidents, is nearby, and is available, let 1-800-Injured take that stress off of your plate and give yourself more space to focus on your own personal needs. Stress is shown to have a significant impact on physical recovery from injuries, so the more stress you can offload to others, the easier your recovery will be. 

Why Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident?

From the moment the insurance company finds out that there was an accident and injuries that they will need to pay for, an agent will take action in order to begin identifying every possible way to limit the settlement amount. You will work directly with a claims adjuster for the next few weeks to a month as they investigate every aspect of the accident, including likely requiring you to take an independent medical examination to confirm your injuries. Even the word “independent” here is misleading because every part of this investigation is intended to poke holes in your own claims, not to ensure that you get everything that you deserve.

When your lawyer acts as your representative throughout the claims investigation process, they will be able to provide you with support and advice to ensure that each step you take is done with intention and purpose, all intended to boost your chances of a fair settlement. At the same time, your attorney will be performing their own investigation and calculations in order to understand what you are actually owed.

Negotiating a Settlement

Once the claims investigation is completed, the insurance company will make a settlement offer that will be shockingly low. This initial offer comes with the requirement that you waive your rights for any future legal actions against the insurance company or their client for this accident, even if new information emerges or you were to experience delayed complications. However, your attorney will not accept this offer; instead, they will initiate a series of negotiations that are intended to get you a settlement that you actually deserve. Without the help of an attorney, you would have to either accept this low offer or would need to negotiate at the same time that you were recovering from your injuries, a combination that makes for a difficult process.

1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service that connects accident victims with attorneys. Call today.