Construction Zone Accident Lawyer


Driving through a construction zone can be a distracting and intimidating experience, with workers all over, flashing lights, sign holders, heavy construction machinery, and lane diversions. Most often, a driver is able to make it safely through a construction zone without incident — although, sadly, according to the CDC, “From 2003-2019, 2,103 workers lost their lives at road construction sites.” While these worker deaths are handled through various worker funds and compensation policies, getting into an accident as a driver caused by hazards at the site can be a complicated process.

When you are involved in a construction zone accident, you will need to file a claim against the at-fault party, which may be the general contractor overseeing the project, the surety bond they are carrying for the work, or others. Trying to navigate this process is complicated, and trying to make sense of your options while suffering from an injury can be even more taxing. This is why working with a personal injury attorney is a great way to improve your chances of getting the money you deserve after an accident that someone else caused, including a construction zone accident. 

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If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident in a construction zone, whether on foot or while using a vehicle, you may have a right to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. Depending on the type of construction zone, the company managing the project may have surety bonds or insurance policies meant to ensure that you have an option to seek compensation. 

Read more about construction zone accidents below, and contact 1-800-Injured right away to get started on your legal journey today.

How Are Construction Zone Accidents Caused?

Construction zone accidents are often the result of speeding through a work zone. While state traffic laws require motorists to slow down to designated speeds when passing through construction zones, this law is frequently ignored by drivers who are in a hurry or simply unaware that they are approaching one. 


Given the potentially dangerous nature of operating heavy machinery and other tools near moving vehicles, construction workers are nearly always instructed to stop all vehicle traffic before starting any construction activity within the zone. At this point, a worker may cause an accident with a piece of heavy machinery, or a driver may be rear-ended by a speeding vehicle approaching behind them that does not realize traffic has stopped.

Construction zone accidents are also caused by changing lanes without noticing signage warning drivers that they will have to merge into another lane because there isn’t enough room for cars to drive side-by-side through an area. 

Construction zones are more hazardous for motorcyclists because they are harder to see by people driving trucks or other large vehicles. When these motorists merge into the bike lane, bikers have little time or opportunity to avoid a collision before it occurs.

Help Keep Construction Zones Safe

You can help to reduce the risk of construction zone accidents by following these safety regulations:

  • Stay alert, obey speed limits, and do not stray from your lane
  • Prevent drowsy driving (which is more likely to happen when you’re already tired)
  • Use seat belts and make sure all passengers are wearing them as well
  • Look for motorcycles and other smaller vehicles; they may be overlooked if you’re looking only for tractor-trailers and heavy trucks.

Of course, if another driver is engaging in dangerous behavior, then there is little you can do to avoid an accident. Fortunately, an attorney will help you fight to get the money you deserve if you are in a crash that someone else caused.

Common Types of Construction Zone Accidents

The following are just a few of the many different accidents that can take place in a construction zone. Whether or not you see your accident below, contact 1-800-Injured today to connect with an attorney and learn about your legal options.

Accidents Caused by Debris

Construction zones are often littered with debris, but drivers can reasonably expect the roadway to be kept clear, and workers will point out any unavoidable hazards. Running into a large hole in the ground, driving over wet concrete, or hitting something like a pipe sticking into your lane of travel can cause serious harm.

Falling Objects

Depending on the type of work being done, there may be cranes, lifts, and other devices used to carry and lift construction materials and workers to high places. Many safety checks and redundant systems are meant to keep a failure from causing an accident, but there is always a risk of something falling from a high place and landing on your vehicle. 

Rear-end Collisions

When you slow down to meet the Work Zone speed limit requirements or come to a stop as signaled by a police officer or sign holder on-road duty, there is always a chance that another driver may be approaching at a high rate of speed from behind and does not realize there is a change in traffic. This can lead to a rear-end accident, which commonly leads to several injuries, including whiplash and traumatic brain injuries.

Struck By Equipment

Workers are trained and licensed to operate heavy machinery and are expected to act with great care as they maneuver these massive pieces of equipment — especially when the construction zone exposes passers-by to possible injuries due to these machines. If you are struck by a piece of equipment while trying to travel through a construction zone safely, you may have a right to seek compensation for many different damages.