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Car Accidents Fort Lauderdale

Contact 1-800-Injured For a Free Consultation Today

1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service. We connect Fort Lauderdale auto accident victims with car accident lawyers who know the ins and outs of car accident litigation in Broward County. Contact us immediately to be connected with an experienced personal injury attorney near you.

What To Do After a Car Accident

After a serious accident in Fort Lauderdale, you can understandably be overwhelmed as you try to make sense of what to do. The following information is general guidance for how to proceed in a way that prioritizes your health and sets the stage for fair compensation for your injuries. Your adrenaline can cause you to not notice your injuries right off the bat, and sometimes people may accidentally make statements that come back to haunt them — things such as denying medical care or apologizing to the other driver (implying fault). 


You must make the right decisions regarding your safety and wellbeing at the time of the accident, as well as in the hours and days immediately following it. Take a moment to collect yourself, check in with your passengers, and then take these steps. Remember that if your injuries are so severe that you cannot perform these steps, you should prioritize your health above all. 

Call 911

You should call 911 immediately to ensure that first responders are dispatched to the scene, so the other driver doesn’t try to convince you to handle the situation without involving the authorities. Many people may try to bargain with you, offer cash on the spot, or otherwise try to keep from going through the proper channels, all of which can impact you getting the compensation you deserve.

Sometimes it can feel like you are “making a scene” if you choose to call 911, especially if it doesn’t immediately seem like you or your passengers require medical treatment, but it can be highly frustrating after Fort Lauderdale car accidents to find that the at-fault driver has changed their side of the story and you have no official evidence to the contrary. Any experienced car accident attorney will encourage an individual involved in a car wreck to call 911, get medical attention, provide information for the police report, and follow the proper channels to ensure that you are leaving yourself as many options as necessary when dealing with an insurance company. 

Stay Safe

If your vehicle is leaking gas, smoking, or otherwise seems like it is adding to your risk of injury as you wait for 911, you should get to a sidewalk, median strip, or another area of safety. Otherwise, it may be appropriate to remain in the vehicle to avoid any complications or additional injuries.

Your health and safety are your top priorities — do not let anyone pressure you into doing anything that you believe will jeopardize this safety, and wait until Fort Lauderdale first responders have arrived to take over the scene so they can address any hazards.

Get Medical Care

After motor vehicle accidents, you must get checked whether or not you have a serious injury. First, you may have an injury that does not show itself immediately that a medical professional may be able to recognize. Secondly, personal injury lawyers will use all of the documentation relating to your medical care, starting with the initial check by the EMTs at the scene. 

Many people avoid working with EMTs because they are worried about the costs, but these costs will be included in your accident claim. Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys encourage people who have been injured in a crash to pursue as much medical attention as is necessary to prioritize their health before seeking repayment from the insurance company.

Seek Follow-Up Medical Attention

If you take an ambulance to the hospital, this will already happen, but if you leave the accident scene on your own, you will need to schedule a follow-up with your primary care physician as soon as possible.

Auto accidents can cause a wide range of injuries that may or may not be obvious to you from the start, but your doctor will be able to recognize them and hopefully avoid serious complications that could arise from lack of treatment. In addition to getting appropriate care, each interaction with your doctor will generate helpful documentation that your Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer will use to prove to the insurance company how serious your sustained injuries are.

Contact A Lawyer

Car accident victims deserve fair compensation for their injuries, but they often wait until after their claims investigation is concluded to consider working with personal injury lawyers. Insurance adjusters start looking for ways to reduce your settlement on day one, and a personal injury lawyer will counteract these efforts as they work to recover compensation in a settlement or car accident lawsuit on your behalf.

After your car crash, you should think about hiring a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer as soon as possible, so a legal professional is handling your claim from the start, giving you time to focus on your injuries while they fight to get you the money you deserve.

We will arrange a free consultation with a proven car accident law firm and car accident attorneys as soon as possible.

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Phil Sarfin

Never Sign Anything

It’s also essential that you DO NOT sign a waiver in exchange for a check from an insurance company without speaking to a lawyer after any car accidents. Fort Lauderdale-area insurance companies have been known to send adjusters to meet with accident victims at the scene of an accident or at the hospital where an accident victim is receiving treatment to negotiate settlements right after the car accident.

These offers may seem generous, but they nearly always fall short of an appropriate settlement amount. Once a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer is representing you, they will take over your claim and work directly with the insurance company on your behalf to recover fair and adequate compensation for the many different damages you have suffered — and may continue to suffer.

Common Types And Causes of Car Accidents in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The following are a few examples of the most common auto crashes in Fort Lauderdale, FL. If you see your specific type of car accident mentioned below, contact us for a free consultation and connect with a car accident lawyer.

Distracted Driving

According to the NHSTA, distracted driving was a factor in 3,142 wrongful death accidents in the United States in 2019. Often, the driver doesn’t see a red light, stop sign, or stopped vehicle ahead of them, leading to rear-end collisions, t-bone collisions at intersections, and even head-on collisions.

If eyewitnesses stop at the accident scene with information that could help prove that the other driver was engaging in distracted driving, their statement can play an important role in your car accident claims process, so be sure to get their contact information and encourage them to wait until Fort Lauderdale police arrive at the scene so they can provide important information for the accident report. 


Driving at high speeds may or may not directly cause an accident, but it can certainly make it worse. When driving at high speeds, the driver has less time to react to the movements of other cars, which increases the chance of a collision or that the driver will lose control of the vehicle. If you have been involved in a car wreck in Fort Lauderdale that another driver caused while speeding, partnering with an experienced car accident lawyer is a great way to build a strong case to recover compensation for things like your medical expenses and lost wages, as well as many additional damages that you may not even be aware of.

Alcohol and DUI

According to the Center for Disease Control, one in three traffic fatalities involve a drunk driver. In 2019, the Florida DHSMV reported 136 alcohol confirmed injury crashes resulting in 59 injuries and 16 fatalities in Broward County alone.


We know that drinking and driving causes accidents, and a large percentage of the alcohol-related accidents in Fort Lauderdale result in injury and even wrongful death.

If you’ve been hit by a drunk driver, a Fort Lauderdale car crash lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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Phil Sarfin

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is a term applied to a wide range of intimidating, distracting, and dangerous behaviors that some drivers engage in on the roads. Aggressive driving includes things like speeding, tailgating, swerving in and out of lanes, forcing others out of their lane, “brake checking,” and more — all of which are shockingly common in Fort Lauderdale and beyond.

Getting into an accident with an aggressive driver is a scary experience, and their behavior is unpredictable after the crash. In some cases, it may be in your best interest to remain in your locked vehicle until the police arrive at the accident scene to ensure that you do not find yourself in a dangerous confrontation with the other driver.

Fatigued Driving

In some cases, driving while tired is even more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol and other mind-altering substances and can lead to severe accidents if a driver nods off for even a split second. As someone is struggling to keep awake behind the wheel, they are unable to stay focused on the road. Once they fall asleep, they are prone to swerving off the road, stepping on the accelerator, or unknowingly making another movement that sends the vehicle off the road or into other people. 

Mechanical Failure

Car owners are responsible for upkeep on parts of their vehicle that are subject to wear and tear, such as their tires, brakes, indicator lights, and more. In many states, they will be unable to get an inspection if any of these pieces are faulty, but Florida does not require yearly inspections for most vehicles, meaning that an owner will need to stay on top of these responsibilities or be held accountable if they fail to do so and cause an accident as a result. 

In other instances, the mechanical failure may be the result of a manufacturing issue or defective workmanship, both of which will require a victim to pursue their case beyond the driver of the vehicle and instead file a claim against a mechanic, automobile manufacturer, parts manufacturer, or other party that is liable for the failure that led to their car accident and resulting damages.

Determining Fair Compensation After Fort Lauderdale, FL Car Accidents

No two car accidents are alike, meaning the process for handling each claim is unique. Depending on the nature and severity of your accident, however, there are common factors that will cause you to pursue damages against the at-fault driver’s insurance company:

Economic Damages

Economic damages include anything that has a specific price attached to it. This will include your past medical bills and a realistic estimate of future medical bills, plus the cost of any other physical recovery-related expenses. In addition, you will include any current or projected lost wages incurred due to your injuries. 

Moreover, you and your attorney will work to calculate the long-term impact your injury could have on your life, such as an inability to return to your field of employment or a diminished ability to earn what you could before your injuries. These are critical factors to include in your settlement or lawsuit because they have a very real negative effect on your quality of life.

If you were in an accident because of another driver’s negligence, there is no reason for you to suffer financially because of it. Contact a Fort Lauderdale accident attorney today to discuss your monetary loss.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are more difficult to calculate in a personal injury case, but they are just as important. Together with your attorney, you will determine a fair and just amount of money that will adequately compensate you for things such as your pain and suffering, diminished quality of life, emotional trauma, or loss of enjoyment of any number of activities. 

As you can imagine, calculating the actual amount of non-economic damages that a victim has suffered is complex, and negotiating these figures with the insurance company is even more complicated than that. An experienced car accident attorney will use a wide range of evidence such as the accident report, medical expenses, notes that a Fort Lauderdale car accident victim takes about their ordeal, and more will all help an auto accident attorney make sense of the situation and determine how to factor these nebulous and abstract damages effectively. 

Multiplier vs. Per Diem Calculation Methods

There are several ways to calculate non-economic damages after Fort Lauderdale auto accidents. An experienced car accident lawyer will consider their options before choosing a calculation method to get you a comprehensive settlement or award. 

The multiplier method uses a scale that indicates the severity of all non-economic damages at once, typically ranging from 1.5 to 5. Once a reasonable number has been selected, it is then multiplied against the sum total of economic damages to translate these non-economic impacts into a dollar value. For example, non-economic suffering of 3x and economic damages of $100,000 translates to $300,000 in non-economic damages. 

The per diem method sets a daily value for non-economic damages and then multiplies this number by the days a victim endures these impacts. For example, a daily rate of $200 and a full year of suffering will lead to $200 x 365 = $73,000 in non-economic damages. 

As you can imagine, countless factors go into determining which method to use after a Fort Lauderdale car accident. Then once your car accident lawyer has completed their calculations, they will need to negotiate these amounts directly with the insurance company or justify them to a judge and jury in the South Florida courts. 

Common Injuries Reported After Motor Vehicle Collisions

The following examples of injuries are just a few of the many different types of bodily injury that someone may suffer in a car accident. If you have sustained injuries, whether or not you see the specific physical injuries listed below, contact 1-800-Injured as soon as possible to connect with a law firm for a free consultation with an experienced attorney about your options for a personal injury lawsuit, whether you are seeking payment from your own insurance company or another driver’s policy.


Due to the force involved in car crashes, it’s not uncommon for people to suffer extensive fractures. Broken bones can take several months to heal, and rehabilitation is required to not worsen existing conditions and for a full recovery. This may require physiotherapy or other forms of therapy such as massage or osteopathy. Treatment will depend on your age, medical history, and how badly you were injured in your accident. Generally, broken bones can take up to six weeks to heal, but the more severe injuries may require surgery for the bones to be placed before they can heal.


A bruise, also known as a contusion, is caused by broken blood vessels beneath the skin. The skin may look discolored due to bleeding under the surface. Bruises generally take about two weeks to heal and are often tender when lightly touched. They can range in size from small marks to larger areas of discoloration on the body. As with other forms of injury, other symptoms could be present, like swelling or pain that might indicate possible internal damage that warrants immediate medical intervention.

The best way to reduce swelling is to elevate the area above your heart chest level) for several hours after an injury occurs (if it’s not too painful), but depending on how severe your bruises are, this may not be sufficient — which is why you should contact your doctor no matter how minor you believe your injuries may be.

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is a severe injury that can occur in an accident, especially one with some significant forces. A person may lose consciousness or have very confused thoughts after an accident if they had internal bleeding.

Since there are no external signs of internal bleeding, medical tests are the only way to tell if someone has it. Some common symptoms are:

  • Higher than normal heart rate
  • Lower amount of oxygen in the bloodstream
  • Shallow breathing

If these symptoms occur after a car accident, doctors will most likely do imaging tests to see where the injuries are occurring. These tests often reveal serious, life-threatening injuries which require immediate treatment.


Whiplash is the most common injury suffered in a car accident. It occurs when your car suddenly accelerates forward and backward, causing your head to whip back and forth. Sometimes, during a rear-end collision, your head hits the headrest leaving you with bruises on the tissue of the neck as well as pain.

Whiplash can cause sprained ligaments and muscle damage to the muscles supporting these ligaments. In severe cases, whiplash can also lead to a herniated disc or vertebrae fractures, which could require surgery. Even low-speed car accidents, like those in parking lots, can lead to this type of injury, and you will be able to discuss how a lawyer will factor this into your claim during a free consultation once we connect you with a reputable law firm.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that runs down the middle of the spine. When someone has suffered a spinal cord injury, their brain can no longer send signals to certain areas in the body. This causes loss of sensation (numbness) or paralysis below the site where the injury occurred. 

The severity of these symptoms will depend on how badly damaged your spinal cord is. The higher up on your spine the damage occurs, the more control you’ll lose over your limbs and other parts of your body below it. Spinal injuries are classified as either complete or incomplete depending on whether they’ve fully or only partially severed your spinal cord.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Any accident involving a car traveling at speeds greater than 30 miles per hour has a high potential to cause a traumatic head injury, as does any accident in which the car is hit by another moving object such as a train or semi-truck. A collision can cause either closed-head injuries (CHI), in which the skull remains intact, or penetrating injuries, in which objects such as glass shards enter and damage the brain tissue. 

A penetrating TBI results from impacts that fracture or dislocate parts of the skull; these injuries have the potential to be much more severe than closed-head injuries, but even a CHI must be taken seriously to ensure that you receive the appropriate treatment.

Emotional Damage

An accident can cause several emotional responses. Fear, excitement, and other emotions could be associated with car accidents. Some people have a phobia about cars after getting into a bad accident or seeing someone else get hurt because of it. Others could be more concerned about the physical damage to their vehicle than the fact that they were in an accident at all. However, any type of trauma from an auto collision should not be ignored.

No matter what emotion is experienced after a car crash, dealing with these feelings is essential for long-term emotional health and well-being. When a proven law firm is representing you after a car accident, you can stay focused on your physical and emotional healing without overburdening yourself with additional stress and anxiety relating to your case, which can have a serious impact on your ability to recover effectively.

Important Aspects Of Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Law

Car accidents in Fort Lauderdale fall under Florida laws. Law enforcement and judicial processes vary from region to region, which is why you need to be represented by an attorney who knows the laws, statutes, and other critical components of the Broward County legal system.

Legal Jurisdiction

Fort Lauderdale auto accidents are investigated by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, or the Florida Highway Patrol, depending on where the accident happened. Most civil cases resulting from a Fort Lauderdale car accident are litigated in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida’s Civil Division

Law enforcement and judicial processes vary from region to region, which is why you need to be represented by a car accident attorney who understands the process for accidents in Broward County specifically.

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Phil Sarfin

Florida Damage Caps

Florida has no caps for compensatory damages in personal injury lawsuits. That means that you can be fully compensated for your damages, including pain and suffering, lost wages, and diminished earning ability, without worrying about arbitrary limits. 

Punitive damages, which are only awarded by a judge or jury in particularly egregious accidents, are limited to the greater of three times the amount of compensatory damages or $500,000.

Statute of Limitations

For most Fort Lauderdale car accidents, the statute of limitations is four years from the date of the accident. If the case involves wrongful death, the statute of limitations is two years from the date of the person’s death. However, most Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers would prefer to begin the process as quickly as possible. An early start ensures that there’s time to negotiate with the insurance company if an out-of-court settlement can be reached. Statistically, most personal injury cases are settled before going to court, and even then, most cases are settled before trial. Of course, this is no guarantee for your situation, but it is a great reason why you should be working with a Broward County car accident attorney as soon as possible. 

Other Important Factors In Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Cases

Medical Factors in Your Recovery

Healthcare in South Florida is never cheap, but if you’ve suffered a car accident injury, you may be surprised at the extent of the services that you’ll require to make a full recovery. Even seemingly minor car accidents can result in:

It’s easy to see how these costs can quickly accumulate. If you’re out of work from your injuries, you could be fighting a financial battle on both fronts. That’s why it’s essential to have legal representation from a qualified personal injury lawyer in Broward County to recover compensation.

Insurance Coverage

The state of Florida requires a minimum of $10,000 of personal injury protection and $10,000 property damage liability to streamline the personal injury claim process, but these coverages are not typically sufficient after even a minor car accident that results in any sort of measurable damages or the need for medical treatment.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

 PIP is a no-fault insurance coverage that will cover medical expenses and lost wages incurred due to your injuries or the injuries of uninsured passengers in your vehicle at a rate of 80% up to the limit of your policy. If your passengers own a car and have insurance, their policy will cover them at the same rate up to the limits of their policies. PIP coverage is “no-fault” insurance, meaning that it will pay regardless of who caused the accident. As stated, anyone who owns or operates a motor vehicle in Florida is required to carry at least $10,000 PIP insurance coverage by law.

Property Damage Liability (PDL)

This covers damage to other people’s property (i.e., other vehicles, fences, et cetera) caused by you and similar PIP insurance, the state of Florida requires all drivers to carry at least $10,000 in PDL insurance.

Bodily Injury Liability (BIL)

This insurance covers injuries or death to other individuals. It is not required under Florida law.

As you might already be aware, the $10,000 minimum PIP will, more than likely, not be enough to cover your medical bills if you are involved in a serious crash and, as a result, sustain serious injuries. Your attorney can assist you in pursuing a civil claim for the total amount of compensation for these injuries from the responsible parties and their insurer.

The Benefits Of Working With a Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorney 

Car accidents are complicated, and the legal process following your Fort Lauderdale auto accident can be overwhelming as you try to recover from your injuries while fighting with the insurance company for the money you rightfully deserve. Fortunately, Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers have years of experience handling these processes, meaning you can stay focused on your recovery without having to take on the psychological burden of negotiating fair compensation for your injuries.

Reduce Your Stress

While your lawyer is handling the administrative work for your claim, you can stay focused on being calm and relaxed, prioritizing your recovery and rest.

Improve Your Chances of a Fair Settlement

A Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer has an in-depth, working understanding of Florida law and will be able to support you through your accident claim by fighting to get you the money you deserve.

Get Answers When You Need Them

As your bills and expenses mount, wages decline, and your injuries continue to disrupt your quality of life, speculating about the future of your complex legal matters will only add to your anxiety and distract you from your recovery. Instead of wondering, you will be able to reach out to your law firm and get specific answers when you need them.

Fault and Fort Lauderdale Motor Vehicle Accidents

Some people get confused after a car accident because Florida is a “no-fault” car insurance state, but the concept of “no-fault” only goes so far. All Florida drivers are required to carry a policy known as “Personal Injury Protection” or PIP that covers up to $10,000 of damage after car accidents with no questions asked. 

Personal Injury Protection

This personal injury protection is designed to streamline the claims process and allow most car accident victims to resolve their issues without making a third-party claim. However, this does not invalidate a victim’s ability to seek additional compensation through a personal injury lawsuit or auto accident claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance if the damages exceed the limit of the PIP policy. 

Pure Comparative Fault After a Fort Lauderdale Motor Vehicle Accident

Florida uses a rule known as pure comparative fault to allow victims to assume partial blame while still seeking compensation through a car accident claim. Under this rule, anyone involved in car crashes can accept partial fault. Their final settlement amount will simply be reduced proportionate to the amount of fault they are responsible for. 

For example: if you suffered damages totaling $100,000 in a left-turn Fort Lauderdale car accident as the driver passing straight through the intersection, the driver taking a left turn is assumed to be at fault; however, if it was raining and you did not have headlights on, you may ultimately be held partially at fault. If you accept 15% of the fault for driver negligence leading to the crash, your final settlement will be reduced by 15%, ultimately resulting in an award of $850,000.

Pure comparative fault is an essential rule because the alternative would block car accident victims from recovering compensation if they were found to be at all responsible for the crash. Insurance companies work to leverage this rule by trying to offset their costs by assigning as much blame as possible to the victim. Personal injury lawyers know these tactics and will work directly with insurance adjusters to calculate fair and reasonable blame for all involved parties, particularly the other driver you are filing your claim against.

Liability in South Florida Car Accident Cases

You may have been told that Florida has no-fault insurance laws regarding car accident liability. That means that regardless of who is at fault, each party can be compensated to a certain degree by their insurer. However, if your damages exceed your insurance limits, you can pursue damages from the at-fault driver.

When trying to determine whether or not you have a car accident case, one of the best things that a victim can do is consult with a legal team of personal injury attorneys for a free case evaluation. Insurance companies are quick to downplay the severity of a claimant’s situation to avoid paying a fair settlement and use things like fault in Florida law to reduce the amount they ultimately pay. Your Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers will fight to make sure that your car insurance claim addresses the many damages you have suffered. If they cannot reach a settlement agreement, they may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit in the South Florida courts

Frequently Asked Questions About Fort Lauderdale Car Accidents

The following are just a few of the many questions that car accident victims have after a car wreck, all of which will be best answered by an experienced car accident attorney. The following answers are meant to give you a general sense of your situation, but you will need to discuss the specifics of your situation with a lawyer to get solid legal advice about your personal injury claim.

Under no circumstances should a victim ever accept a settlement offer from an insurer without consulting with an experienced car accident attorney. There is a good chance that you and your lawyer will work towards a settlement instead of filing a personal injury lawsuit, but a fair settlement comes with extensive and aggressive negotiations that go well beyond the paltry sum an adjuster typically offers.

In some estimates, up to 95% of all personal injury claims are settled before trial, and half of all personal injury cases are resolved before a lawsuit is ever even filed. While this offers great insight into car accident lawyers’ goals for many cases, it does not mean that your situation will be settled directly. 

There is no quick and straightforward way to determine how much a victim is owed after a car accident, which is why the claims process can get so contentious when car accident lawyers fight for the money their clients deserve and not just accept the amount the insurance company hopes to pay. 

Variables like the total lost wages and impacts to earnings that a victim suffers, alongside the amount of medical bills and other expenses, all play a substantial role in establishing a baseline amount of economic damages, and are then compounded by more abstract and subjective non-economic damages — your attorney will need to carry out an in-depth investigation to document and then calculate all of these damages before returning to you with a reasonable dollar amount for your case.

Personal injury lawyers operate on contingency fees, meaning that there is no up-front cost nor set rate for representation by a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer. A contingency fee is a predetermined percent of a final award that is paid out to the attorney and their law firm, which allows victims the luxury of working with a team of car accident lawyers without worrying about out-of-pocket expenses and legal fees at the same time that they are watching their medical bills mount and their wages decrease. 

Another advantage to contingency fees is that you will not pay anything if your lawyer doesn’t win your case. This no-risk arrangement can help you fight for the money you truly deserve without being bullied or intimidated by the insurance company hoping to settle your claim for pennies.

After a Fort Lauderdale car accident, hiring a personal injury lawyer should be one of the first things a victim or their loved ones does once their immediate medical needs are addressed. Hiring an auto accident attorney before initiating your insurance claim has several advantages, beginning with the clear message you send to the insurance adjusters assigned to your case that you mean business. 

The adjusters will examine each statement and conversation you have with the insurer to identify any possible reason to reduce your settlement, whether through arbitrary legal loopholes, misconstruing or misrepresenting your words, and otherwise trying to confuse and manipulate you while you are suffering through the pain and anxiety of your injuries at the same time. Your lawyer will handle this entire process to shield you from this stress while using their legal expertise to get you the money you deserve.