Allstate Insurance in South Florida

Allstate Auto Insurance was established in 1931, and since then, they have gained stature as the second largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company in the United States. They underwrite $21.4 billion in auto insurance premiums ranking them fourth in the U.S. auto insurance sector. Insurance companies, however, often become successful by assiduously utilizing cost-containment strategies that make it difficult for clients to obtain full settlements.

If you are filing an Allstate Insurance claim after a Miami car accident, it would be beneficial to hire an experienced personal injury attorney. Legal representation can protect help protect your interests in the tumultuous days following a bad car accident. Call 1-800 INJURED today to discuss all of your legal options with a qualified car accident lawyer from our referral network.

Florida Is a “No-Fault” State

Florida is a “No-Fault” insurance state, which means that individuals will receive payment for some of their accident damages from their auto insurance provider, regardless of fault. By law, drivers have to purchase full liability car insurance with a minimum of $10K in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. These PIP benefits will cover a portion of your medical bills and lost wages.

Allstate Insurance Claims

To file a claim with Allstate Insurance after a crash, you can call the 24/7 claims hotline at 1-800-255-7828. However, if you want to ensure that you get the most for your case, you should review your options with a personal injury attorney who regularly deals with Allstate claims.

Allstate’s Colossus System

Allstate uses a software system called Colossus to analyze insurance claims. This software has a massive database with thousands of past auto claims and their outcomes. Insurance adjusters input specific data, and Colossus creates a value range for the request.

While the system seems straightforward, it has certain aspects that may inadvertently reduce the settlement amount offered. Adjusters enter injury codes documented in medical records and treated by doctors into Colossus. If you have an injury that does not appear in the files, it may not be included.

Moreover, Colossus may base compensation for your medical bills on reduced amounts that they determined to be the usual charge for similar medical care in your area. If there’s a discrepancy, it may require the authoritative eye of an attorney to detect it.

Lastly, Colossus does not analyze fault. It determines the estimated value range for your settlement by assuming liability and only assessing the damages. After that, an adjuster may reduce the suggested amount if they discover you to be partially responsible for the car accident.

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It is essential that you understand that one of the adjuster’s responsibilities is to reduce the amount of insurance settlements that Allstate pays out. If you fail to provide the right documentation, Colossus could possibly generate a lower settlement range, and your claim value may suffer. Protect yourself with an experienced personal injury attorney. Allstate has legal representation and so should you.

If you need help filing an Allstate insurance claim after a Miami car accident, 1-800 INJURED can connect you with an experienced personal injury attorney. We are an attorney and medical referral service that helps South Florida drivers get in touch with the professionals they need after a crash. Call us toll-free at 1-800 INJURED to get started on your case today.

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