Rollover Accidents Overview

When a vehicle turns over on its roof or side, the car crash is considered a rollover accident. Rollover accidents are among the most dangerous car crashes and account for the highest fatality rate, with more than 10,000 deaths annually. The causes for these accidents typically include loss of control due to icy/snowy roads, uneven grounds, collisions with guardrails after a vehicle has lost traction, and or hitting an obstacle while speeding.

Rollover Accidents and Personal Injury

According to the National Automotive Sampling System Database, rollover accidents typically affect five main areas of the body: the head & neck, lower limbs, thorax, abdomen, and upper limbs. Victims usually sustain multiple injuries throughout these areas, with the head and neck being the most vulnerable.

Some common rollover injuries include brain injury, spinal cord damage, broken bones, cuts, scrapes, and bruises. These injuries can result from slamming into another vehicle, being tossed in the car, impact with unsecured cargo, and contact with broken glass or metal.

Some long-term effects of these severe injuries include temporary or permanent impairment of speech, vision, or hearing. Patients may also experience loss of memory, inability to control emotions, dental trauma, chronic back pain, amputation of limbs, and damage to nerves and organs.

What to Do After a Rollover Accident

The first thing you should do after a rollover accident is receive medical attention. Some of your injuries may not be immediately apparent and may take weeks to show symptoms. Postponing seeing a doctor can decrease your chances of discovering a life-threatening injury and could make your condition worse.

Seeking medical attention is not only best for your well-being, but it will also serve to strengthen your injury case.

Compensation After a Rollover Accident

After you seek medical attention, you will need to notify your auto insurance company of your accident as soon as possible. Florida is a “No-Fault” state, which means that individuals have to file a claim with their insurance provider to receive compensation for some of their accident damages, regardless of which driver is liable for the car crash. By law, you should have purchased a minimum of $10K in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage as part of your full liability insurance policy. These PIP benefits will pay some of your accident expenses including medical bills and lost wages.

Hiring an experienced attorney can help you get a more substantial settlement amount from your insurance company than if you tried to negotiate an agreement yourself. An attorney will also be able to protect you from unfair practices and an improper investigation by insurance adjusters.

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