Types of Car Accidents in Miami, Florida

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Car accidents can result in costly property damage, devastating personal injuries, and even death. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident, don’t suffer in silence. It is essential that you hire an experienced car accident attorney who can help you get the most out of your case. Call us toll-free at 1-800-Injured to be connected with a lawyer you can trust.

Common Car Accidents in Miami

While car accidents can come in many different shapes and sizes, the most common are rear impact and side impact accidents, head-on collisions, rollover, and runoff crashes. This information is important because your attorney needs to understand the type of car accident you had to work towards getting you the compensation you need.

The most common type of car accidents in Miami are rear and side impact crashes. A rear impact crash, also known as a fender bender, is when a driver hits the back of the car directly in front of it. In these accidents, the rear driver is typically at-fault since driving distance and speed were primary contributors to the crash.

Meanwhile, a side impact accident is when a car is hit on the side of its body by another vehicle or object. For instance, if a driver were to run a red light and was hit by another car in the intersection, that would be a side-impact collision. Sometimes these accidents are called a “T-bone” crash if the car was hit in the middle of its side.

Other common car accidents

  • Rollover
  • Runoff
  • Head-On Collisions

For starters, rollover accidents are when a car flips onto its roof or side. Many car crashes, including side, rear, and head-on collisions can turn into a rollover accident. However, the cause is typically a sharp turn while speeding.

On the other hand, a runoff collision is when a car drives off the road and crashes into another vehicle. This type of accident is less frequent in Miami, partially due to Florida installing railings on dangerous stretches of the road. However, it could happen if a driver fell asleep at the wheel or swerved to avoid something on the road.

Finally, a head-on collision is a crash with a stationary object or vehicle that impacts the front of your car. For instance, if a someone fell asleep while driving and ran into a light pole, or if an inexperienced driver where to merge incorrectly on the highway, it could cause a head-on collision.

Compensation After an Accident

A car accident can result in costly vehicle damage, expensive medical bills, and lost wages. If you were injured in a Miami car accident, it is critical that you hire an experienced attorney. A competent personal injury attorney will be able to resolve specific problems of the crash aftermath and act as a middleman between you and haggling insurance companies. They will also handle the mountain of paperwork stemming from hospital stays and insurance claims. They might even help you recover extra compensation for damages not covered by insurance policies. After a car accident, call us at 1-800-Injured to get connected with an experienced attorney.

Florida “No-Fault” Insurance Law

Florida is a No-Fault Insurance state, which means that you will always file a claim with your insurance after an accident regardless of whose fault it was. This law requires all drivers to purchase a minimum Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage of $10,000 and a Property Damage Liability (PDL) policy of $10,000.

However, there are times when this coverage does not suffice after an accident. Under Florida’s No-Fault statute, PIP coverage only has to cover 80% of medical bills and 60% of lost income after a crash. Your coverage is also subject to any deductible that you have chosen. That deductible lowers insurance premiums, but it also typically makes the driver personally responsible for the first grand in lost wages or medical bills. This financial burden can be devastating and aggravated depending on the circumstances of the accident.

Fortunately, there are exceptions to Florida’s No-Fault law that allows victims of the accident to sue the guilty party. The first exception will enable people who suffer a permanent injury from the accident to sue for further compensation. By law, permanent damage is a significant loss of an essential bodily function, permanent scarring, and disfigurement, or death. Injured parties may seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and intangible damages like pain and suffering.

The next exception would be if the total medical bills of the injured party exceeded the $10,000 PIP limit. In these cases, the damages awarded would be economical and would cover lost wages and medical bills not covered by the insurance policy.

The law is limited, but it can allow you to recover additional compensation if you are suffering from a personal injury after a car accident.

Miami attracts millions of tourist every year. It is a bustling and lively city, so naturally, there are bound to be car accidents. Some accidents may be simple fender benders and others can result in thousands of dollars in property damage and medical bills. If you suffered a car accident in Miami, we could help.

We are an attorney and medical referral service that help people every day, by connecting them with dedicated personal injury attorneys that strive to get you the maximum compensation after an accident. They handle the legal work so that you can recover.

Remember that in Florida, you will not be able to recover compensation for the costs that appear after an insurance settlement has been decided. Insurance companies will try to save money by forcing you to sign an agreement as soon as possible. It is in your best interest that you consult all of your options with an experienced attorney first. Don’t suffer in silence, after a personal injury or car accident, getting the compensation you need is key to recovery. Call us today, and we will set you up with an attorney that cares.