What Is A Medical Lien?


Personal Injury Medical Liens in Miami

Many people are shocked when they learn that in specific situations the government, health insurance providers, and hospitals can claim a portion of your injury settlement. If you are a car accident victim and filed a personal injury lawsuit to recover additional compensation, the entity that initially paid for your medical costs could submit a medical lien towards your settlement proceeds.

A medical lien is a health care provider, doctor, or hospital’s right to assert an interest in personal injury recoveries of their patients. They may file a claim to be compensated for the services provided, but the amount recovered must be limited to the cost of the treatment or service provided.

If you need help dealing with a personal injury lien, an experienced car accident attorney can help you negotiate and release the claim. Call 1-800-Injured to connect you with a personal injury lawyer who will give you a free consultation on your legal options.

How to Handle a Medical Lien

When negotiating a fair resolution to your injury lawsuit, it’s crucial that you identify and handle all medical liens. You need to ensure that your settlement resolution covers your medical bills and leaves some money for lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and other losses. Being informed of what you have to pay the hospital can help you determine if you should agree to a settlement or try your case in court.

You should also resolve medical liens to stay compliant with the law and evade complications with your personal injury case. The last thing you want is medical debt popping up after you’ve resolved your legal claim. Addressing your medical liens will assist your case in coming to an end.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay?

You should never ignore a medical lien. Failure to acknowledge a claim from a health insurer, Medicare, or Medicaid can lead to a lawsuit and may jeopardize your rights to future healthcare benefits.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

Handling medical claims in Florida can be tricky. For starters, both state and county laws can regulate medical liens and how to resolve them. Some state laws discuss insurance contracts and Medicaid/Medicare billing, while county laws may impact how hospitals file their claims and the steps they have to take to enforce it.

Moreover, the work in negotiating medical liens is often far more complicated than settling the underlying claim alone. These cases involve a lot of research, paperwork, and comfort in navigating through legal intricacies.

Fortunately, you don’t have to face your medical liens alone. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney could help you negotiate a lower payment for your medical treatment and resolve your claim. Often, medical providers are willing to accept less payment in exchange for helping solve the lien and making sure they get paid. A qualified Miami car accident attorney will be able to handle these negotiations and the final paperwork to discharge the claim as part of resolving your case.

How 1-800 INJURED Can Help You

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