The Most Dangerous Intersections

There are certain intersections that Orlando car accident lawyers know by heart, because they have so many clients who are involved in crashes on them. In fact, there are probably a few intersections that came to your mind as soon as you saw the title of this post. Driving on the main roads and Interstate highways can be treacherous, but approaching one of these intersections make the roads look like a cakewalk. Take a look at this (incomplete) list of some of the most dangerous intersections in Orlando, and share your thoughts in the comments below!

I-4 and 408 Interchange

Crossing over a lane shouldn’t be complicated … right? Apparently, nobody told that to whoever planned this intersection. If you are coming from I-4W and need to get onto 408, you have to cross over a lane that is usually PACKED with people traveling east and blocking your way. This can cause people to get aggressive, and take risks to get through the intersection after lights have changed or to beat oncoming traffic.

W. Sand Lake Road and Universal Boulevard

Tourists? Check. Lots of lanes? Check. With streams of cars with rental plates exiting the theme parks trying to figure out what the heck their GPS is telling them to do, this intersection is a recipe for disaster. When you are traveling through here, plan on getting cut off by an unwitting minivan full of tired vacationers trying to get to the highway. The best offense is a good defense, so if you are traveling by Universal Studios, plan to stay on guard against confused tourists.

W. Par Street and Edgewater Drive

When high school lets out, this intersection becomes a terrifying place to be. Not only are you fighting against streams of traffic surging onto W. Par Street, but that traffic is also almost entirely composed of high school students. As we all know from rush hour, adults who have had their licenses for years can’t be trusted in traffic — meaning that the inexperienced drivers of Orlando could pose an even bigger threat.

Lake Underhill Road and S. Goldenrod Road

Short traffic lights might seem like a good way to keep a steady flow of traffic when you are planning it from a desk somewhere in the Orlando Transportation Department, but it doesn’t work in real life. When you are approaching this intersection when the light turns green, it’s always important that you check for anyone who tried to race the yellow light and is now cutting a red. Additionally, these short lights often end up with someone stuck in the middle of the lane.

Central Florida Parkway and John Young Parkway

This intersection could be dangerous just because of the sheer volume of cars that pass through it on each light cycle, but there are even more factors that contribute to this being high on our list of dangerous intersections. Merging can be confusing even on a straight road, so it’s no surprise that drivers are constantly experiencing near-misses while they try to navigate a merge at such an intimidating intersection.

Curry Ford Road and Primrose Drive

The fact that there is no left-turn light at this intersection is a major issue here, and sends people into the intersection hoping for a small gap to squeeze through. When a driver is focusing on an opening, they may get distracted from paying attention to everything else going on around them, which can contribute to some serious left-turn accidents in the area.

Aloma Avenue and Semoran Boulevard

This intersection is a recipe for disaster, with merges coming right at the other side of the 4-way, slow lights, and large amounts of traffic all ending up on top of each other at once. Since the lights take so long, people tend to get frustrated and might make some rash decisions while trying to get through, that can lead to sideswipe crashes in the merging lanes, or hasty left turns that can cause major issues for everyone in the area.

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