D.C. Icy Road Accident Lawyer

Winter tyre tracks

Driving in Washington D.C. can be a perilous and overwhelming experience no matter what the weather conditions are, but on the occasions where the temperatures dip below freezing and the roadways become icy, commuting in or around the District of Columbia can be disastrous. Even the most experienced drivers can lose control of their vehicles, and many people may not realize that their all-wheel-drive vehicles can lose control as easily as any other vehicle. 

Even though an accident because of icy roads isn’t necessarily the result of negligent or reckless driving as much as it is an issue of dangerous road conditions, it still does not clear possible liability for the resulting injuries or damage. Insurance companies will try to identify any way that they are able to reduce or limit the amount that they pay out to a victim, which is why working with a personal injury attorney is one of the most effective ways to make sure that your claim is taken seriously and you get the money that you rightfully deserve. 

Contact Balkin Law Group now to be connected with a reputable lawyer who will absorb the details of your case and develop a legal strategy for you. Read more below to learn about some details relating to icy road accidents.

What To Do After an Icy Road Car Crash

Stay Calm and Safe

In many cases, a car accident caused by icy roads might involve multiple vehicles, especially as they hit their brakes to try to slow down but end up sliding on the ice to cause a multiple car wreck. These types of accidents can be terrifying, because the victims may feel trapped, powerless, and traumatized by this ongoing series of collisions. 

If you are in a crash as a result of an icy road and your vehicle is still in the path of oncoming traffic, it may be appropriate to stay in your vehicle to avoid being struck directly by an out of control vehicle. You will need to assess the situation and the injuries that either you or your passengers have sustained in order to get an exact idea of what to do. 

Call 911

In any accident, it is extremely important that you or someone else at the scene gets in contact with 911 as soon as possible. Especially in a situation where other vehicles are at risk for additional crashes because of dangerous conditions, it is essential that an officer is able to secure the area and divert traffic to avoid any additional injuries while the EMTs and fire department are attending to injuries and developing a plan for providing emergency care.

Get Medical Attention

Whether you require emergency medical attention from the EMTs on the scene and an ambulance to a hospital, or if you are able to leave the accident on your own, you should see a medical professional or your primary care physician as soon as possible. Some injuries, such as whiplash, may take a day or two before the true extent of the injuries become apparent, and other injuries like internal bleeding or minor traumatic brain injuries may go unnoticed or ignored.

Working with a doctor is the best way to ensure that all of your injuries are addressed, additional complications are prevented or managed, and a record of your medical issues is documented. This last detail is a significant benefit if you must seek compensation either through a claims process or a lawsuit.

Who Is Responsible For an Icy Road Crash?

Determining the answer to this question requires a lot of understanding about what happened leading up to the accident, including the road conditions, the number of vehicles involved, the police report, and more. In some cases, it may be a fairly straightforward question to answer. However, if there are multiple vehicles involved, or if the accounts of the accident are unclear, then there may be more work necessary in order to uncover the true cause.

Regardless of how clear or uncertain the cause of the accident is, a personal injury and car accident attorney in Washington D.C. will be able to help you through the entire process, starting with gathering the various accounts of the accident and staying with you all the way through to when you receive your settlement or win your case. One of the benefits of working with an attorney is that you are able to focus on physical recovery with the confidence that someone else is handling these complicated legal issues on your behalf.