In Palm Beach County, car accidents occur every day. The Okeechobee Boulevard and North Military Trail is only one of the common problem areas. In 2017, there were 183 accidents at that one intersection.

Although accidents are commonplace, a collision can have a profound impact on your life. Whether you have a small fender-bender or a serious collision, your life could be turned upside down. But you might not be financially responsible for the accident. If the other driver is at fault, you could be eligible for compensation.

To help you deal with the aftermath of your accident, you should reach out to a car accident lawyer in West Palm Beach. An attorney can navigate you through the difficulties of dealing with insurance companies or filing personal injury claims.

Who Is At Fault for Your Accident?

Florida is one of the few no-fault car accident states. However, that doesn’t mean that fault is irrelevant. The contrary is true; fault matters very much in your accident. If the other driver is to blame for the collision, you could go through their insurance to receive money for repairs and other expenses.

Determining fault can be either complex or obvious. If the other driver broke a law, then they are responsible for the accident. Witnesses can back up the fact that the other driver was liable, and the case can be very black and white. But in other circumstances, the case isn’t so clear. For instance, there might be no witnesses to the accident.

If you want to prove fault, you need to prove the following:

1. The Driver Owed the Victim a Legal Duty

Every driver on the road has a legal duty to keep everyone else on the road safe. Therefore, they must operate with a standard of care. This standard of care extends to pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles.

2. The Driver Breached Their Duty

If you want to assign blame to the other driver for the accident, you need to prove that they breached their duty of care. By law, they should drive as any reasonable individual would. Failing to do so means they are negligent and partially responsible for your accident.

Examples of a breach of duty include speeding, drunk driving, and texting while driving. If the police officer on the scene issued a ticket to the other driver, the ticket could be evidence of a breach of duty.

3. The Victim Was Injured As a Result of the Breach of Duty

A victim’s injuries must be a direct result of the other driver’s negligence. The negligence must be the specific reason for the accident and not other circumstances.

More specifically, you need to show that the accident would not have happened if the other driver had not been negligent. For example, a speeding driver could rear-end someone in front of them. If that driver never was speeding in the first place, the accident wouldn’t have occurred.

4. The Damages Were Real

Whether you want to sue the other driver or go through their insurance, you need to have evidence of damages. If you have injuries, you need medical records to support your claim. You also need documentation of your vehicle damage.

If there are no damages in an accident, there is no claim. However, it is uncommon for collisions to result in no damage or injuries.

What Can a Car Accident Lawyer in West Palm Beach Do?

After an accident, you have a lot to think about. First and foremost, you need to take care of your injuries. Then, you need to think about your vehicle. Can you drive it? Do you need a rental? Who will do the repairs?

You also need to call the insurance company. With so much to do, you could find yourself overwhelmed. A car accident attorney in West Palm Beach simplifies your life. While you recover, they can take care of all the small details. They can also advise you on what you need to do in order to get a favorable outcome.

In some cases, all you need is someone to assist you with the insurance companies. Your lawyer could help you receive a fair payout. But in other cases, you might need a little more assistance. You may need to file a personal injury claim against the other driver.

The Basics of Car Accident Personal Injury Claims

If negligence was a significant factor in your car accident, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. With a claim, you could attempt to recover damages.

A personal injury claim is a civil lawsuit. Although a civil suit cannot place the offender in jail, it can hold them financially responsible for the accident.

Once you file the claim, you may be able to resolve it outside of the courtroom. Your lawyer could be capable of negotiating a deal with the other party’s attorney. Often, this gets the victim a rapid resolution with limited effort.

If the negotiations don’t work out, your lawyer can resolve the claim in court. As you might expect, they must provide evidence and a convincing argument to a judge and jury. Then, the jury comes to a decision. If that decision is in your favor, you receive their chosen amount of compensation.

Do You Need Help?

In West Palm Beach, the median household income is $49,054. Whether you live in debt or you live comfortably, a car accident can affect anybody’s finances significantly. Medical bills and car repairs might not be the only sources of your financial woes.

If you suffer from a serious injury, you could miss time from work. After taking days of sick time, your bank account could start to diminish. You might experience such a serious injury that you are unable to ever return to your original job.

You don’t have to handle the financial struggle of a car accident on your own. With the help of 1800-Injured, you can find a lawyer. We are an attorney and medical referral service. We can connect you with an attorney who can assist you in seeking compensation. Instead of struggling to make ends meet, you can focus on recovering from your injuries. Contact us today for more information.

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