Road trips are fun- but you know what can make them more fun? Car games! Well, these games can be used to make any boring old trip to the grocery store or picking up and dropping of the kids more fun. Try them out!

Games such as, “I Spy,” “The License Plate Game,” and “20 Questions” are common- so we included some less-common games for you!

Was That Another Question?

This game can be played with 2 or more people, but it’s better if you have more people to eliminate. One person asks another a question- any question. The one who was asked the question must then respond by asking another question- anything at all- to anyone else, including the person who asked them a question. The questions don’t have to pertain to each other. Normally, the game is played in a circle, and one person points to another, and asks a question. Since this is in the car, it is probably safe to use names. Let’s use an example. You say, “Henry, how do you like your eggs?” Henry would then pick anyone else, including you, and reply with any question, such as, “Susan, what color are my drawers?” When someone hesitates or fails to respond in question form, they are eliminated, and the last one standing is the winner.

Can’t Say Yes, Can’t Say No

The purpose of this game… self-control! Well, not literally; in this game, you choose one person who answers questions. That person can’t reply to anyone’s questions with “yes” or “no.” The purpose is to get that person to accidentally say, “yes,” or, “no” (“yeah” and “nope” count, too- no obvious substitutes allowed!). Once that person loses, the person who made the loser say that word usually goes next.

Slug Bug No Slap Back

This one is pretty common- whenever someone sees a Volkswagen Beetle, they punch the players (lightly!), preferably somewhere on the arm, and say, “[Insert Beetle color], so slap back!” There are different ways to play this- sometime it’s just for fun, and sometimes, the players decide that whoever has the most slug bug count at the end of the ride wins. If you’re on a road trip, you can play by pit stops.

Finish My Story

Here, one person starts off a story using just a phrase or a few words. The players take turn adding one or two words to the previous phrases, and you see what kind of shenanigans turn out in your collective story.

The Endless Alphabet

One of the players starts off by assigning the first letter of the alphabet to a word. For example, player 1 decides, “A is for Anthill.” The next player must repeat, “A is for Anthill,” and then assign the next letter. So, the second player might say, “A is for Anthill, B is for Bumblebee.” The next player must assign the next letter, but each player must repeat what the previous letters are- which makes it a mission to get to the end of the alphabet!

You can also add themes to this game to spice it up; for example, you can categorize the items. For example, you can say, “I went to a picnic the other day, and I brought appetizers.” and the next person adds another item for the following letter, but has to repeat the previous item that was brought to the picnic.

Where is the Alphabet?

The way this alphabet game works is by searching for signs which contain a certain letter of the alphabet. You start with A- so, you could see a sign saying, “Curves Ahead,” which would make up for A. Next, you would have to find something with a B- such as an “Bayside” and for C, “Cherries, Fresh Picked,” could work. Getting towards the end is where things get more difficult, so keep your eyes peeled!

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