Last Saturday at the gas station right by our 1-800-INJURED office, a 41-year-old car washer was killed in a violent explosion at Gables 76 Station. Henry Salcedo died after an air compressor blew up in the garage.

Witnesses described the event as “a big explosion that sounded like a bomb.”

One eyewitness stated, “Boom! Like a big old gas tank just exploded.”

Debris was spread all over the station- car parts and glass were spread over a 60 yard radius over the gas station, and went all the way across the street.

“I felt it. I felt it, heard it. It shook everything. It was crazy,” said one restaurant worker.

“It’s sad man, it’s sad,” said worker Victor Brown. “Man got hit by the thing and shot the man into the wall and all that stuff just piled up on top of him.”

“I didn’t see his body. All I could see was his shoe and it wasn’t with him,” added Zonsa.

Henry Salcedo washed cars under the orange awning attached to the garage- the car wash area rents the space from the owner of Gables 76 Gas Station.

Police say Salcedo had just called his boss to tell him about the malfunction, but it was too late- moments later, the compressor blew.

The police are still investigating to understand exactly what happened. Our condolences are with Salcedo’s friends and family.

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