So, for once, it’s the officer who gets lectured!

Philip Turner was driving down the I-35, which has a speed limit of 75 MPH. It so happened that the next morning, he had to go to court to fight a traffic citation.

Suddenly, a state trooper vehicle went flying past him, at approximately 90 MPH.

Turner decided to follow the officer and flash his brights at the vehicle. Both the officer and Turner pulled over. State Trooper David Granado exit his vehicle and asked Turner if he was alright and need help with something. Turner asked Granado if he had an emergency, since he was driving at such high speeds. What ensued was quite surprising; Granado admitted that he didn’t have an emergency and was indeed speeding. He proceeded to apologize.

Granado initiated the conversation by asking, “can I help you?”

Turner eventually gives him the reason for his actions, “The reason I pulled you over is that you flew right by me. I mean, like, you were going pretty fast back there,” said Turner.

“Alright,” responded Granado.

“Were you in an emergency or something?” said Turner.

“I apologize, sir, I didn’t mean to,” responded Granado.

“Like I said, like, to me, I feel like, you know we- people get tickets for that all the time, and I mean, like, Like, were you in an emergency or something like that?”

“I apologize, sir,” Granado kept repeating.

Turner proceeds to repeadedly asking for Granado’s information- to which he is reluctant to, but he finally gives him his badge number, name, position, and allows Turner to get a picture of his license plate.

Before letting the trooper off, Turners added, “would you mind slowing down for me?” and headed back to his vehicle.

Turner is actually known for recording his interactions with police in Austin, Texas, for the website, Photography is Not a Crime (PINAC).

The Austin American-Statesman reported that Turner was surprised and quite impressed by the professionalism and honesty of the state trooper, “He was very professional and honest. He owned up to his mistake, which is something I rarely see from law enforcement, based on what I do.”

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