One year ago, Travis E. Crain was sentenced to 54 months in jail after running over and killing pedestrian while driving drunk and distracted. The victim was walking down the street when Crain hit Mark Harris, 25, and left the scene in panic. If Crain had stayed at the scene to call 911, the crime might have been less serious. After striking the pedestrian, Crain fled and later admitted to being drunk while he had been operating his vehicle. If he had stayed, the man might have lived. He was found dead on the street the next morning.

After the hearing, Assistant State’s Attorney Crysta Uhe said the state could provide evidence that Crain had been drinking, but there wasn’t sufficient proof that he was drunk at the time of the incident since he was not arrested until two days after the accident. The Granite Police Department posted the video of the suspected 2004 silver Dodge Dakota on Facebook in attempt to receive information from the public, and Crain was found within two days.

Crain had been driving not only drunk at 3 in the morning, but he was also speeding, texting, and eating when he hit Harris. Leaving the scene usually results in a sentence up to 15 years in prison, but the state put a cap on 8 years in exchange for Crain’s guilty plea. Crain will get credit for 379 days in the Madison County Jail. He may get a day off for every “good” day he serves.

Defense attorney Jim Stern argued for probation. He said his client has no prior criminal history and has been a model prisoner at the Madison County Jail. He said the charge to which Crain pleaded “presumes probation” unless extraordinary circumstances are involved. Crain gave a formal statement apologizing for what he did and said he will pray for the victim. Stern said his client panicked after hitting Harris and never set out to do anything wrong.

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