How many times have you forgotten something simple, something that you use all the time- but it just escaped your mind? Have you ever thought about what you would do if you broke down on the side of the road? This may seem like a lot of stuff to put in your car, but it can actually all fit into one box, and you can store it all away in your trunk. Of course, this is all advice for places with weather similar to Florida weather. Places where snow comes into the equation need a whole other list!

Here are some things that you should be keeping in your car at all times, especially if you spend a lot of time on the road.

Everyday Essentials

Spare Cash

How many times have you run out to the store and realized you didn’t have your card with you or that you needed to use cash? What about if you catch your vehicle about to be towed, or get your wheel(s) booted? It’s always smart to keep a little cash in your car, somewhere safe. If you are worried about leaving cash in your car, just take it out when you leave it places for long periods at a time.

Phone charger

This can’t be stressed enough. Being broken down or having a dead phone during a stressful day of work isn’t going to be a fun time.

Prescription glasses

If you wear prescription glasses, keep a pair in the car. Driving without them is dangerous. Spain even has a law stating that drivers who wear prescription glasses should always have a pair in the car.

An umbrella

This is especially important for places like Florida, where the weather changes fast and drastically.

A change of clothes

This goes hand in hand with the umbrella- you never know where you’ll be when the rain hits and get you drenched. Spending a day at work or school in wet clothes is not fun.

Some sort of bags

This is convenient for getting a lot of items out of the car or for unplanned shopping trips. For example, Parents who want to get a bunch of their children’s toys and mess out of the car anytime, anywhere should always have bags around, whether it’s to throw out or collect.

Something to write with and something to write on

Some phone calls pop up out of nowhere and sometimes you need to write information down.

A map

Because you never know next time you get lost and your phone is dead. They also come in handy when you drive in a new city.

Tissues or paper towels

This can come in handy in many situations. Spills, emergencies, etc.


A spare tire

A spare tire by itself is pretty useless, unless you have someone who can help you. Otherwise, having a spare tire with a jack and tire iron is much better than waiting for roadside assistance.


This can help you loosen any stubborn bolts.

Tire inflator and sealer

This can plug a leak and be just enough to get you to a garage if you don’t have a spare or are missing tools.

Jumper cables

This is great to have, not just for your own benefit, but for the benefit of others. If you have a second to help someone, don’t you hope someone would do the same for you? You can also pack and emergency battery booster if you don’t want to wait on someone to help you.

A fire extinguisher

Yes, you can pack a light 5-lbs fire extinguisher. This can save you or someone else from true disaster.

An old cell phone

An old phone with battery can be used to call 911 or 999, even without a subscription plan.

Your car’s manual

This little manual can be more useful than you think in case your car breaks down. It even has information on how to change a tire.

Car repair information

You should always have your car insurance information in your glove box anyways, but it’s also smart to keep an AAA card with you or helpful roadside assistant and body shop numbers.

First aid kid

You never know when and where this may come in handy. Whether it’s for your own use or someone else’s, this can be very helpful.


This is a very good idea, especially during hurricane or tornado season. You never know where you will be when the lights go out.

Matches or a type of lighter

Always convenient!


Yes, food. This is especially handy for people who do a lot of road travel. Or even if you’re going on a road trip. Breaking down in the middle of nowhere is no fun. Keeping energy bars or MREs (Meal Ready to Eat) is always a good idea. All you need for MREs is water. Mix water with the pack, and it heats up automatically!

Water bottles

This is especially helpful in hot areas like Florida. If you break down, for example, it’s important to hydrate yourself- waiting for roadside assistance can sometimes take a few hours. Plus, you can use them with your MREs!

Flares or reflective triangles

This way, you are noticeable in the dark.

A blanket

It gets cold at night- what if your heater breaks, what if you’re stuck waiting for help. A blanket is for your own comfort.

A weather radio

If the weather gets bad and you don’t know what to do, this little thing can help you in difficult situations. You can make a $3 solar-powered radio using just an Altoids tin box. Flash-floods or things of this nature can happen- you need to know where you can or can go during times of crisis.

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