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Attorneys Brian Roller and Moshe Rubinstein bring almost three decades of combined experience in personal injury law and employment claims. Each lawyer brings a wealth of experience in law and business, banking, management, broadcasting, and entrepreneurism. Their vast experience provides a solid understanding of client needs. Both are seasoned arbitrators, mediators, negotiators, and litigators who believe in personalized service. Roller Rubinstein is who you call for exceptional legal counsel and representation after suffering injuries or losses in South Florida. …


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We understand the stress and uncertainty that can follow a car accident. That’s why we’re here to help you navigate the legal complexities and find the right attorney to support your case. Our dedicated team specializes in connecting accident victims with experienced and compassionate lawyers who can provide the legal expertise and guidance needed to secure the compensation you deserve. When you turn to our service, you can rest assured that we’ll match you with a trusted attorney who will work tirelessly to protect your rights and help you move forward after a challenging accident.

Intersection Accident

Where do Car Accidents Happen in Aventura?

Aventura is known for some pretty dangerous, pretty busy roadways. All of these are common places for car accidents to occur:

Biscayne Boulevard (US-1): Biscayne Boulevard is a major north-south road in Aventura and can experience heavy traffic, especially during peak commuting hours.

Aventura Boulevard (NE 199th Street): This road connects to major shopping centers and residential areas in Aventura and can have congestion during busy shopping seasons.

William Lehman Causeway (NE 192nd Street): This causeway connects Aventura to Sunny Isles Beach and can have traffic due to its use as a commuting route and access to the beach.

Collins Avenue (A1A): Collins Avenue runs along the coastline and is a popular route for both residents and tourists, making it susceptible to traffic, particularly during tourist season.

Sunny Isles Boulevard: This road connects Aventura to the neighboring city of Sunny Isles Beach and may experience congestion, especially in the vicinity of major hotels and attractions.

If you were recently in a car accident on any of these roads, or another, your next move should be to consider whether or not you have a car accident claim. If you feel your car accident and the resulting medical bills, lost wages, and property damage were the fault of the other driver, it’s quite possible that you do. 

Contact 1-800-Injured

1-800-Injured is a legal referral service. We can connect you to a Florida car accident attorney who can go over the specifics of your claim with you. During the initial consultation with a car accident lawyer, he or she will want to discuss the details of the accident and determine if there 

is a basis for a legal claim. 

What to Expect When You Reach Out to a Lawyer Referral Service

Here’s what you can generally expect during your initial consultation with an Aventura car accident attorney:

Discussion of the Accident: The lawyer will ask you to provide a detailed account of the accident. Be prepared to discuss when, where, and how the accident occurred, the parties involved, and any injuries or damages sustained. It’s essential to be honest and provide as much information as possible.

Legal Evaluation: The Aventura car accident attorney will assess the information you provide to determine if there is a legal basis for a personal injury claim. They will consider factors such as liability, negligence, and the potential for financial recovery.

Explanation of Legal Options: If the lawyer believes you have a valid claim, they will explain the legal options available to you, such as pursuing a personal injury lawsuit or negotiating a settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Questions and Concerns: You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions or express concerns you may have about the legal process, your rights, and potential outcomes. The lawyer should address these inquiries and provide guidance.

Timeline: The lawyer should provide you with an estimated timeline for your case, although it’s essential to understand that the legal process can be lengthy, and it may vary depending on the circumstances.

It’s essential to choose an Aventura car accident attorney who is experienced in personal injury law and with whom you feel comfortable working. 1-800-Injured can help you find this person.