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A serious car accident is one of the most traumatic events that someone can experience and can lead to severe injuries or even death. In addition to the immediate peril, recovering from a car accident can be frustrating. In most cases, you have to make major short-term changes to your life, you’ll struggle financially as your medical bills begin to mount, and it takes an inordinate amount of effort just to get your life back on track.

When this happens, one of the most important things that you can do is to team up with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Of course, your physical health is the absolute top priority, meaning that you must be sure to prioritize your health over the legal process, but once you have addressed these immediate issues, contact 1-800-Injured as soon as possible. We can connect you to an aggressive and experienced lawyer who is ready to take your case immediately. The 1-800-Injured referral network is an efficient, effective way for victims to be connected with the right attorney for their case with minimal hassle, meaning that you can focus on recovery without taking on the additional stress of finding the right lawyer for you.

Read more below about some general information regarding car accidents in Florida and some things to expect during a personal injury claims process and lawsuit. Contact us now to be connected to a car accident lawyer in your area for a free initial consultation where you will be able to discuss your Florida car accident.

What To Do After a Car Accident in Florida

In any car accident, the most important thing to do is to prioritize your own safety before anything else. Once you are certain that you are safe, then you can begin to focus your attention on addressing the needs of the rest of the passengers, and contacting 911 as soon as possible. If you and the other passengers are able to do so, or if the vehicle is able to move, get out of the way of oncoming traffic in order to avoid any additional injuries or secondary accidents. Once the police arrive, they will be able to secure the scene and divert traffic to ensure that everyone stays safe from additional dangers.

When you speak with 911, make sure that you tell them what types of injuries you think you’ve sustained so they can advise you on how to handle the injuries while you wait for the EMTs. It is important that you never attempt to move someone who you suspect has suffered a neck or spinal injury because moving them can cause serious additional injury.

When the Police and EMTs Arrive

When the emergency responders arrive on the scene, they will make sure that those who require the most immediate medical attention are addressed first. It will be helpful to give your account of the accident to the police for their report. It is important that you don’t say anything that could suggest that you are taking responsibility. Something as simple as apologizing to another party can be perceived as an admission of fault and can cause serious problems for your case further on in the process. If someone else caused the accident, explain how it happened and how they were at fault to the police, and they will be able to take a series of witness accounts in order to paint a clear picture of the situation. This report will be very helpful later on.

Get Medical Attention Immediately

No matter how minor you believe that your injuries may be, it is important that you see your primary care physician soon after the accident. If your injuries are severe, consult with the EMTs to determine whether or not you should take an ambulance to the emergency room. While you may be concerned about the cost of the ambulance, your attorney will include this expense as they are compiling your damages for a settlement negotiation or personal injury lawsuit.

Obviously, the most important reason to get medical attention is to ensure that any possible injuries or medical issues are addressed before they worsen and that you get the treatment you need in order to maximize your chances of a successful recovery. In addition to the physical health aspects of your medical attention, though, there is the benefit of additional documentation that will help a judge and jury get a full understanding of the severity of your injuries. Each visit to your doctor is another opportunity for the documentation around your case to increase, which will be helpful when are fighting for the money that you deserve.

The longer that you wait before seeing a doctor, the more skeptical the insurance company will be when you claim that your injuries were a result of the accident. There are circumstances where injuries have a delayed onset, in which case you and your attorney will make this clear when they are negotiating your claim. In situations like a broken arm or whiplash, however, it will be difficult to claim that the accident caused your injuries if you do not see a doctor for weeks after the crash.

Contact a Personal Injury and Car Accident Attorney

After you have addressed the immediate issues surrounding your personal health, it is in your best interest to start working with a personal injury attorney immediately. While it may seem that it’s premature to hire a Florida car accident lawyer, you will quickly discover that an attorney can help you through every step of this complicated process. 

Finding the right personal injury attorney to take your case can be a complicated process on its own, which is why 1-800-Injured has worked to make connecting personal injury victims with experienced attorneys painless and simple. Contact us today so that we can connect you to a personal injury lawyer for a free initial consultation. By working with the right lawyer, you can focus on recovery and self-care.

Working With an Insurance Company After Being Injured in a Car Accident

If the accident was caused by another driver, you or your attorney will need to contact their insurance company in order to begin your claims process. This is the process when you will work with an insurance adjuster who will go through your case in order to determine the appropriate amount of money to offer you as a settlement. In many cases, you will need to undergo an independent medical exam so that the insurance company can verify that you have, in fact, suffered the injuries that you are claiming. During this exam, it is important to remember that the doctor is working on behalf of the insurance company and they will minimize your injuries at every possible opportunity. Your attorney will be able to advise you on how to proceed with this exam and can examine the findings to see how they impact your claim.

After the insurance company has completed its investigation, they will make a lump sum offer. This amount, while appealing, is typically nowhere near the amount that you are actually owed. An insurance company does not exist in order to pay victims the money that they deserve. They stay in business by limiting their payments while also protecting themselves and their clients from legal actions. While they will attempt to frame this offer as the best chance that you have for a payment, this is actually the time when your personal injury attorney will begin negotiations for the money that you rightfully deserve.

If Settlement Negotiations Fail

Before your attorney begins to work through the negotiations with the insurance company, you will work together to determine the amount of money that you are owed both in a settlement and then in a lawsuit. These two numbers will be different because of the additional time and money that a lawsuit will take. If the settlement is inadequate to make a full recovery, you may have to seek damages through the court.

However, these amounts are very subjective and your attorney can give you guidance on which option is better for your particular situation. 1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service that connects injury victims with lawyers. If you use our service, you will be working with a very experienced personal injury attorney. Your car accident lawyer will help you understand the amounts that you are seeking and how the recovery process works. They will help you navigate each step, and advocate for benefit aggressively throughout the whole time you are working together. 

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