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If you ride a motorcycle, you’re probably tired of hearing how dangerous it is. But the statistics don’t lie. In Florida, motorcycle accidents result in one of five motor vehicle deaths. In 2013, 467 riders were killed in motorcycle crashes. 2015 was an even worse year for motorcyclists. During that year, there were 550 fatalities.

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, death is obviously the worst-case scenario, but the other alternatives are less than optimal. Most motorcyclists do not walk away from the scene of the crash. They have little protection from cars and are likely to experience serious injuries. If you’ve been involved in an accident, you are in for a long road to recovery.

Healing from your injuries takes time and money. With the guidance of a motorcycle accident lawyer in Florida, you can seek compensation for your accident. 1-800-Injured is ready to get you connected with a motorcycle accident attorney.

What to Do if You Have a Motorcycle Accident?

In the moments leading up to and after your collision, life becomes a blur. There are few people who are able to think clearly in the minutes after a motorcycle crash. By learning what to do after your accident, you can prepare yourself for the worst. You also improve your chances of getting compensation for your injuries.

Assess the Situation

Immediately after the accident, do an assessment of the situation. How serious are your injuries? Is anyone else injured? In most crashes, the motorcyclist has significant enough injuries to warrant a trip to the emergency room.

Even if you don’t think your injuries are severe, you should still consider making a trip to the ER. You could have internal bleeding or other invisible injuries. If you don’t get immediate medical attention, your injuries could worsen. This will only add to your medical bills, or make you one of the motorcycle fatalities statistics.

If possible, you should get yourself to safety. Typically, this means moving out of the road and away from traffic.

Call the Police

If you are injured, you should call 911. They will send the police and an ambulance, if necessary. If you aren’t seriously injured, you still need to take action. According to motorcycle law in Florida, you must report an accident to the police if there is an injury, death, or significant vehicle damage. Even if you don’t have injuries, there’s a good chance your motorcycle is totaled.

After you call the police, they’ll send someone out to the accident site. This is a crucial step for those who plan on working with motorcycle injury lawyers in Florida. If your case goes to trial, your motorcycle accident lawyer in Florida will use the police report to support your case. While the court won’t take your account of the accident at face value, they will trust the police.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Florida

As soon as you have the time, pick up a phone and call a motorcycle accident attorney. They can give you crucial information regarding your case. They will tell you to follow through with your medical treatment and will give you the steps you need to take to seek compensation.

In some cases, your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company. This prevents your claim from being denied or keeps you from accepting a claim that is less than you deserve. If the insurer gives you a low offer, your attorney will negotiate for a better one.

There are some motorcycle accidents that qualify as personal injury accidents. In fact, most collisions involve a form of negligence. Aggressive drivers, drunk drivers, and distracted drivers are negligent and likely to cause a crash. Their negligence makes them liable for the financial consequences of the accident.

What are the Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

As mentioned above, negligence is a common cause of motorcycle collisions. But what are the specific causes of those accidents? Here’s an overview of some of the most common causes of motorcycle crashes.

1. Failure to Yield

Motorcycles are small in size and can be hidden by other vehicles. For that reason, some vehicle drivers fail to see them. Although a driver might be focusing on the road, they could still fail to notice a motorcyclist.

When there’s a yielding situation, this puts motorcycle riders at risk. A driver might not see the rider and not yield to them. Then, a devastating collision can occur. When this type of accident happens as a car is merging onto a highway, the stakes are high. The fast speed of the drivers makes it likely that the motorcyclist will suffer significant injuries.

2. Left Turn Accidents

This type of accident happens in several ways. First, a motorcyclist could misjudge the speed of an oncoming car and make a left turn into them.

Secondly, a driver behind a motorcycle might not notice the motorcyclist signaling. As the motorcycle slows down to turn, the driver might not be able to stop in time. This often happens when the driver is distracted or is riding too close to the motorcycle.

Finally, a driver could make a left turn into a motorcycle. They might check for oncoming traffic, but not notice the motorcycle. Then, a T-bone accident can occur. When two cars are involved in T-bone collisions, the potential for injury is high. The same is true of T-bones involving a motorcycle and a car. 

3. Bad Road Conditions

Motorcycles only have two wheels, which makes them less stable than cars. If there’s a hazard on the roadway, a car might be able to drive over it. But a motorcycle does not have the stability to do so. Debris can cause a rider to lose control and end up thrown from their bike.

In some situations, there’s no one to blame for bad road conditions. However, this is not always the case. Someone could be responsible for poor road conditions or debris in the road. For instance, a negligent road crew may be responsible for leaving debris in the road. A local government that fails to fill a pothole could also be liable.

4. Speeding

When anyone in a vehicle drives too fast, there’s a high potential for an accident. Motorcyclists and car drivers alike speed, and their actions make it difficult to control their vehicles. It’s difficult, if not impossible, for a speeding driver or motorcyclist to react to traffic patterns.

5. Drunk Driving

Drunk drivers may be seriously impaired. They have poor judgment, decreased concentration, and poor coordination. As you might expect, this makes it difficult to drive safely. It makes it even more challenging to be wary of motorcyclists.

If a drunk driver causes your accident, they are responsible for your injuries. Motorcycle law in Florida allows you to hold them accountable in a civil court. 

Injuries Associated with Motorcycle Accidents

There are many potential consequences for your motorcycle accident. In the most serious collisions, the motorcyclist is unable to survive their injuries. They either die at the scene of the accident or at the hospital.

At other times, there are serious injuries. Those injuries might not take the life of the rider, but the injuries are debilitating enough to change their life forever. Even with minor injuries, the rider could suffer. The cost of their medical bills makes a debt that they are unable to repay.

All of the following are injuries that have been experienced by motorcycle riders:

Traumatic Brain Injury

If a motorcyclist does not wear a helmet, they are likely to experience a serious head injury. The rider could have a permanent disability and need a live-in caregiver. Often, people who suffer from traumatic brain injuries are unable to work. 


A helmet doesn’t guarantee you will walk away without a head injury. If you’re in an accident, you could experience a concussion. Although you might not think of a concussion as a serious condition, it can be. You need to seek medical attention and get treated before your health deteriorates.

Nerve Damage

It’s natural for people to try and catch themselves as they fall. While this can prevent some injuries, it can cause others. Some bikers use their arms to catch themselves or land on them naturally. Then, they experience permanent nerve damage.

The damage could be enough to keep you from working in your chosen career. Your earning capacity would decrease and leave you in financial straits.  

Broken Bones

Broken bones are painful and require costly medical treatment. Unfortunately, many victims of motorcycle accidents experience this type of injury. 

Getting Compensation with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Florida

If a negligent driver caused your accident, you deserve compensation. By searching for injury lawyers in Florida, you could find someone who has the experience and resources needed to take on your case. They can file a personal injury claim on your behalf and seek damages.

A lawyer knows how to recover money for all of your accident-related medical bills. Additionally, they have the legal prowess needed to get you money for your missed wages and pain and suffering. With the money you receive, you can start the long road to recovery. More importantly, you don’t need to live with financial strain.

1-800-Injured works with a large network of aggressive attorneys. If you’re looking for someone to take on your case, contact us today. We will connect you with a diligent, professional personal injury lawyer in your area.