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Driving Car

Ordering an Uber instead of driving can be one of the easiest ways to get around Fort Myers, whether you are heading to Southwest Florida International Airport, on your way to work, going out with friends, or simply running errands. Each time we get into the back seat of a stranger’s car for a ride, we trust that Uber Technologies, Inc. has taken appropriate measures to vet their drivers, maintain a rigorous quality standard, and has taken the steps necessary to provide us with a safe ride to our destination. While most Uber rides go off without a hitch, there is always a risk of an accident, no matter how rigorous the safety measures and standards are that Uber has for its drivers.

In the event that you are in an accident with an Uber driver, either as a passenger or while you are driving or riding in another vehicle, you may quickly discover that the process of getting compensation for your accident can be complicated, especially if you choose to fight for what you deserve, and not just what the insurance company wants to offer you. This is where a personal injury attorney comes in handy, but even finding an attorney to take your case can seem like an overwhelming process, especially while you are trying to recover from your injuries.

1-800-Injured Connects You With Fort Myers Personal Injury Lawyers With Ease

If you want to work with an attorney, or at least speak with a lawyer to learn about how you could benefit from their support, then using our referral service is one of the recommended ways for you to do this. 1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service. In the days after an accident, it is a lot easier to just submit an insurance claim than it is to seek out a lawyer, deal with emails or phone calls back from law firms telling you that they are not available, and all of the other frustrations that come while you are trying to make sense of your situation. When you use 1-800-Injured, you can skip the frustration.

Once you are partnered with an attorney, taking on the insurance company is not as overwhelming, and your chances of getting the money that you actually deserve, and not just the money that the insurance company feels like paying you, becomes more realistic. Read more below to get a general sense of how Uber accident claims are handled, and contact us as soon as possible to partner with an attorney who can help you fight for what you are entitled to for compensation.

What Makes an Uber Accident Unique?

Every car accident is unique, but while the details may be different, most insurance claims processes are fairly similar. However, when you are in an accident with an Uber driver there are some different steps that you will need to take, particularly while determining which insurance policy you will be filing a claim against. Since Uber drivers are not employees of Uber, and instead operate as independent contractors who simply use the Uber app to connect with people looking for rides using their own personal vehicle, Uber is only involved in the claims process when the driver is actively using the ridesharing app. 

When the App Is Not On

When an Uber driver is not actively transporting a fare, driving to pick someone up for a ride, or waiting for a ride, then they are not technically associated with Uber at all, and therefore you will be filing a claim with their personal insurance. In this situation, you may have been involved in an accident with someone who drives for Uber for their income, but the accident had nothing to do with Uber. This would be similar (although this is not an exact legal comparison) to getting into an accident with a truck driver who is in their personal vehicle on their day off.

As Soon as the Uber Driver Hits “GO”

In the Uber Driver app, the driver must activate their app so that they are available to accept fares. Once they activate the app, and until they accept a ride, then you, as the victim, are covered by one type of Uber’s insurance that covers passengers. 

  • $50,000 for the driver’s liability for bodily injury per person case of a covered accident
  • $100,000 per covered accident
  • $25,000 for property damage for which you are responsible for in a covered accident

This coverage is in addition to the driver’s personal insurance limits, and will not be used unless the driver’s personal insurance does not cover the accident, or if their limits are less than those listed above. Before you are able to initiate a claim, you and your attorney will need to determine these issues so that you can determine who to file with.

Once a Driver Accepts a Fare

From the moment that a driver accepts a fare until the moment they end the ride, they are insured entirely by Uber’s insurance, meaning that they will not need to use their personal insurance at all. The coverage applies to three different things in the event of an accident. The following is taken from Uber’s page about their driver insurance:

Third-party liability coverage

– Insures bodily injuries or damages caused to riders, people in other vehicles, pedestrians, or property.

– Coverage limits vary by state but are at least $1,000,000.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage

– Insures driver and riders if an accident occurs on a passenger trip and another driver is at fault and doesn’t have sufficient insurance, as well as hit and runs

– Coverage limits vary by state

Contingent comprehensive and collision coverage

– As long as the driver maintains comprehensive and collision coverage on their personal auto insurance, Uber’s insurance will kick in and provide physical damage coverage for the driver’s car up to its actual cash value, regardless of who is at fault. There is a $1,000 deductible that you must pay first before this coverage applies.

As you can see, the coverage available while a driver is actively using the Uber app is much more robust than when they are waiting for a fare and often is much better than their personal insurance. However, the way to figure out how to get the most money is to work with a Fort Myers Uber accident attorney as soon as possible. You will be filing a claim against a massive company, and you can be certain that their legal team and insurance agents are focused on paying as little as possible for any given claim.