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Atlanta, Georgia, like many major metropolitan areas, has its share of roads and highways that are known for their challenging driving conditions and higher accident rates. Here are some roads in the Atlanta area that have been associated with a higher frequency of accidents and traffic congestion:

Interstate 285 (The Perimeter): Known as “The Perimeter,” I-285 encircles the city of Atlanta. It’s a heavily trafficked road that often experiences congestion, especially during rush hours. Frequent lane changes and merging traffic can lead to accidents, and some sections of I-285 have been identified as accident-prone areas.

Interstate 85 (I-85): This major interstate runs through Atlanta and connects the city with other parts of the Southeast. It’s known for heavy traffic, particularly on the downtown connector where I-85 and I-75 merge. Accidents and traffic jams are common, and the road’s design can be challenging for drivers.

Interstate 75 (I-75): Like I-85, I-75 passes through Atlanta, and its interchange with I-85 can be particularly busy. This interchange is known for accidents and congestion, making it a potential trouble spot.

Georgia State Route 400 (GA-400): This highway connects Atlanta to its northern suburbs. It has been notorious for congestion and accidents, especially during peak travel times.

Buford Highway (US-23/GA-13): This road has been known for a high number of pedestrian accidents. It’s a heavily commercialized area with diverse communities and often features a mix of fast-moving traffic and pedestrians.

Hollowell Parkway (US-78): This road has a reputation for accidents, particularly in the section near the I-285 interchange. It’s a busy route with multiple lanes, and driver behavior can be a factor in accidents.

It’s important to note that accidents can happen on any road, and many factors contribute to road safety, including driver behavior, weather conditions, and road maintenance. While these roads have seen a higher frequency of accidents, they’re certainly not the only places in Atlanta where you can have a car accident.

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