Hurricane Bertha Claims

Each year, the World Meteorological Organization designates a list of names for potential tropical storms, and have been doing so for a long time. Because of this list, we are able to say that there is a chance that Florida is hit with a Hurricane Bertha at some point in 2020, not because we can predict the weather, but because one of the first storms of the year will be named Bertha. If this storm is upgraded to a hurricane and makes landfall on Florida, then there is a possibility that you may need to file a claim with your insurance company for any damages that your property suffered.

You pay into your insurance policies diligently, which is why it can be so frustrating when your insurance company tries to limit your payment for the costly repairs that you will need to perform and the replacements that you will need to pay for. Working with an attorney is one great way to give yourself a leg up during this process, while also freeing up your valuable time so that you can focus on the rest of your life.


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Common Hurricane Claims in Florida

Hurricanes cost a tremendous amount of money each year, and no small part of those costs are the burdens of everyday Floridians who took adequate steps to protect their property but were unable to avoid the damage that a powerful storm can cause. In this case, the logical step is to file a claim with the respective insurance policy for the property that was damaged, whether that is your home, car, or any other possessions that you own.

The following are just a few examples of the types of damages that you may encounter, but regardless of the specific nature of the damage, contact us today to be connected with an attorney who can help you navigate this process successfully.


Flooding is extremely common in Florida, with no small part contributing to the extensive coastlines and inland waterways that our state is so proud of. During a hurricane, many low-lying and coastal areas are exposed to a storm surge, an abnormally high tide caused by the storm. Flooding can be complicated to quantify when you are trying to determine the financial cost of the damages you have sustained because the damages are widespread, including things like mold, rot, and structural damage. You will need to make sure that all of these possible damages are included in your claim so that you can get the money you need to resolve these issues. 

Broken Windows

When a window breaks on a nice, sunny day, the broken window pane may be one of the most significant pieces of damage sustained. However, when a window breaks during a storm that is characterized by high winds and heavy rain, your home is suddenly exposed to these elements and the damage done can be extensive. If you have electronics that were exposed to rain, valuables that were damaged by the winds, or any other secondary damages resulting from the broken window, each damage needs to be included as a line item in your claim.

Damaged Roofs

A fallen tree can be disastrous to a roof, both structurally and in terms of the waterproofing that this piece of your home provides. When high winds tear shingles, flashing, or gutters away from your home, you may find that repairing these damages does not resolve the entirety of the problems such as water damage, structural issues, and more. You will need to complete an extensive examination of the damage before submitting a claim to ensure that you get a payment that will help you fix all of the issues caused, and not just the ones that your insurance company hopes to pay.

Why Find an Attorney Through 1-800-Injured?

As you can see, hurricanes can cause a lot of damages that go beyond surface-level repairs. When you file a claim with your insurance company, one of the most important things to remember is that it is in your insurance company’s financial interest to pay you as little as possible while still resolving your claim, which means that they will avoid volunteering any additional insight into possible damages or other pieces of your claim that you are entitled to compensation for. However, a lawyer can help you through these processes so that you are taking the necessary steps to get the money that you need.

1-800-Injured is an attorney referral service. When you connect with an attorney through 1-800-Injured, you can save valuable time so that you can file a claim with legal support as soon as possible, while avoiding the process of hunting for a legal representative on your own. Contact us today to get started immediately.