Hurricane Faye Claims

Did you know that hurricane names are established well before they form? Each year, the World Meteorological Organization releases lists of upcoming tropical storms for both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and this year there is a possibility that Florida may need to endure the power of Hurricane Faye. Of course, there is no guarantee that any of these named storms will gain enough power to be upgraded to a hurricane, or hit Florida at all, but regardless of the specific storms, it is important that you know how to get the help you deserve in order to get the money you need out of your insurance policies.

Trying to get the money that you need out of the insurance policy that you diligently pay into each month can be much more difficult than you expect, but when you work with a legal professional, the process can be much easier, and result in you getting more than you may have received otherwise.


Hire an Attorney Today For Your Hurricane Claim

Before you even initiate a claim with your homeowner’s, car, or any other insurance policy after hurricane damages in Florida, contact 1-800-Injured in order to be connected with one of the many attorneys that we can provide you access to. Finding a lawyer to take your case can be difficult, and this frustration may lead you to file your claim on your own. By filing alone, you are indicating to the insurance company that they may be able to settle your claim for less than you actually deserve.

Read more below about some of the most common hurricane damages that are claimed in Florida each year, and contact us now in order to connect with an experienced lawyer who is ready to take your case today.

Common Hurricane Claims in Florida

Hurricanes are costly and destructive, and insurance companies that handle hurricane claims are very experienced in saving themselves as much money as possible while resolving their clients’ claims. Whether or not you have experienced any of the following damages, filing alongside a lawyer can be a great way to ensure that you have a better chance of a fair settlement.

Fallen Trees

When a tree falls on your home, vehicle, or other property that is protected under an insurance policy, the process to get your payment is often more complicated than you may expect. The claims adjuster will have to investigate all sorts of questions before they even determine whether or not this incident is covered under their policy, before then moving on to trying to find every possible reason to limit your final payment. Your lawyer will be your first line of defense against their tactics. 


Floods are very common in a state with as much waterfront property in Florida, which means that insurance companies are extremely experienced in handling these claims in a way that benefits their own financial interests best. When you have an experienced attorney handling your claim, they will be able to advocate for you so that every impact of the flood is considered and included as a line item in the insurance company’s estimates. 

Damage to Vehicles

Determining which insurance policy you should file a claim with if your car is damaged in a hurricane can be confusing, but even once you have determined where to take your claim, the rest of the process is no easier. In order to make sure that your situation is accurately represented to the insurance company, and that your settlement is negotiated aggressively, hire an attorney today.

Additional hurricane damages include:

  • Broken Windows
  • Damaged Roofs
  • Electrical and Fire Damage
  • Personal Property Damage
  • Damage to Clothing
  • Lost Wages

Why Find an Attorney Through 1-800-Injured?

1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral network that can help you locate a lawyer to help you with your hurricane damage claims. As you can gather from just the limited information provided above, there is a lot more to a hurricane claim than you may initially consider. Finding an attorney to help you through this process can be difficult as well, but when you work through 1-800-Injured you can be confident that you are connected with a proven lawyer as soon as possible, with none of the hassle. Save time on this process so that you can focus on your own personal life and needs while also partnering with a diligent legal professional to get the support that you deserve.