Hurricane Nana Claims

As hurricane season in the United States looms in the near future, claims for damages in Florida are certain to be on a rise. Hurricanes are a normal weather phenomenon in the southern states, but no amount of planning can guarantee that you will not experience damage to your personal property, such as your home or your vehicles, that will require that you seek compensation from your homeowner’s insurance company or another insurance company with a policy covering another piece of your property that was damaged.

Since hurricanes are so common in Florida, and since hurricane damages are equally common, homeowners insurance companies are extremely familiar with handling these claims and have become very proficient in limiting the amount that they pay out for any individual claim, utilizing things like technicalities and specific clauses in order to reduce your payment and therefore placing more financial burden on you.

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Hire an Attorney Today For Your Hurricane Claim

1-800-Injured connects people who have suffered damages as a result of a hurricane with diligent attorneys who are ready to take on your claim today. Though it may seem simple enough to submit a claim for damages with a homeowner’s insurance policy, the amount that you will ultimately receive if you do not actively negotiate for yourself will be less than what you deserve. 

When you have an attorney handling the claims process for you, you will be able to leverage the experience and knowledge of a seasoned professional who will help you get that you actually deserve, not just what the insurance company wants to pay. 

Common Hurricane Claims in Florida

The following are just a few of the most common types of claims in Florida after a hurricane, but this list is in no way intended to seem comprehensive. In fact, you may have avoided any of these damages but still suffer enormous financial impacts following a significant storm.

Broken Windows

Broken windows are extremely common in any storm that has high wind, which a hurricane is known for. Windows can break when branches break and hit the side of your house, or strong gusts can pick up trash cans, flower pots, and other objects that a standard pane of glass is no match for. 

Damaged Roofs

Wind can damage a roof directly by peeling off shingles and flashing and ripping off gutters, but equally common is the damage to a roof when a tree falls on it. Seeking a payment for a downed tree can be surprisingly difficult and complicated with homeowner’s insurance, as the adjuster will need to investigate where the tree fell from, why it fell, and more. 


Flooding is another extremely common type of claim following a hurricane, especially when high winds and rains combine with high tides and other factors that overload municipal drainage systems and ultimately flood basements, garages, and homes. Water damage can be widespread and catastrophic and may require additional intervention in order to combat mold and other types of impacts beyond just the water itself.

Damage to Personal Items

There are all sorts of personal items that can be damaged or destroyed in a hurricane and all sorts of ways that the damage can happen. Trees fall on cars surprisingly often in high wind events, and even if your car avoid trees, it may still be exposed to salt floodwater and other environmental factors that can cause permanent damage, or even total the vehicle. A car is only one type of personal item that is commonly claimed to insurance after a hurricane.

Damage From Downed Power Lines

When a live power line is torn down, due to falling branches or high winds, the wire can cause serious damage such as fire, electrocution, damage to a home’s electrical system, and more. When a live wire is downed at the same time that there is a high-water event such as flooding, the combination can be deadly as often as if can cause damage to personal property. 

Why Find an Attorney Through 1-800-Injured?

After you have experienced a significant amount of damage to your home and possessions from a hurricane, the last thing you want to focus on is trying to negotiate with an insurance company in order to get the money that you rightfully deserve. You pay into an insurance policy each month in order to get financial protection, but it can be surprisingly frustrating to actually get what you deserve from the company.

1-800-Injured, an attorney and medical referral network, provides victims of hurricane damage with access to a large network of seasoned attorneys who are ready and willing to take your case today. Working with a lawyer for an insurance claim after a hurricane is an effective way to get the money that you need in order to repair your home and move forward with your life after damages from a hurricane. The World Meteorological Society has designated the name Nana for a tropical storm in 2021, and if this storm forms and is elevated to either tropical storm or hurricane and you experience impacts from this possible storm, then you deserve help.