Hurricane Omar Claims

The World Meteorological Society has designated the name Omar to be used for one of the many tropical storms that we will likely experience over the 2020 season. In the event that this particular storm is elevated to a hurricane in Florida, it is important that you know how to get the help that you deserve while filing a hurricane claim with your insurance company. Floridians are used to hurricanes and the devastation that they bring, but even this familiarity does not make it easier to successfully complete a claim with your homeowner’s insurance and get the money that you deserve.


Hire an Attorney Today For Your Hurricane Claim

1-800-Injured provides you with access to a large network of proven attorneys who are ready to help you through your hurricane claims process today. When you are working with your insurance company, it can be extremely frustrating to be met with resistance to paying you the money that you actually need, and money that you rightfully deserve after diligently paying into your insurance policy each month and year. 

Read more below about some of the most common claims in Florida following a hurricane, and contact us now to get help with your claims. It is not certain that we will actually have to deal with Hurricane Omar, but it is almost absolutely certain that we will deal with more than one hurricane in 2020.

Common Hurricane Claims in Florida

The following are just some of the most common types of claims submitted after a hurricane in Florida. The type of claim does not give any indication to the severity ofo the damage, the amount of money that repairs will cost, or anything else that is highly specific to your own experience, but these can provide you with a bit of insight about the nature of the claim itself. 

Broken Windows

Broken windows can happen at any time of the year, whether because the neighbor’s kids hit a home run through the living room, or because Hurricane Omar put a branch through your kitchen window. However, a baseball going through the window on a sunny day typically does a lot less damage than losing a vital piece of protection against the elements when we are enduring the force of a hurricane. Therefore, submitting a claim for a broken window typically involves more than just the replacement cost of the windowpane, and extends to things inside that were damaged from rain, wind, and more.

Damaged Roofs

High wind and roof shingles never mix well, and when the high winds are hurricane-force, the damage can be significant. In addition to the threat that wind has on your shingles directly, there is also the issue of falling trees and branches that can cause serious structural damage to your roof as well as the frame of your home, your insulation, and more. Once this important barrier has been breached, your house is exposed to the hurricane much more than otherwise, meaning that there will be many secondary losses that must be claimed in the event of a damaged roof. 


Hurricane winds and rains, when combined with the plentiful coastlines and inland waterways that Florida is proud to have, can be a recipe for disaster for homes, vehicles, and all other sorts of property. Flood damages are often handled separately from other parts of your homeowner’s policy, and you may find the process to be quite frustrating. An attorney will help you understand how to handle this process, and will be able to advocate on your behalf to get you a payment that will help you get back on track after a hurricane.

Additional Damages Include (but are not limited to):

  • Electrical and Fire Damage
  • Personal Property Damage
  • Fallen Trees
  • Damage to Vehicles
  • Damage to Clothing
  • Lost Wages

Why Find an Attorney Through 1-800-Injured?

1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service that takes the work out of searching for a lawyer. Trying to pick up the pieces after a hurricane is very stressful, and this stress can often take away from your ability to find an attorney, or even realize that you need an attorney at all. When you contact 1-800-Injured, you are connected with an attorney for a free initial consultation so that you can learn about how the lawyer can help with your current situation. This takes out a lot of the hassle that comes with deciding whether or not you even need an attorney, let alone then trying to navigate the selection process all on your own. Contact us today to get the legal support you deserve.