Hurricane Sally Claims

Preparing for a hurricane is one of many things that Floridians are great at, but this does not mean that a little bit of help is not appreciated. While hurricanes are a way of life in our state, filing claims for hurricane damages may not come as easily as our ability to endure these storms. The World Meteorological Society has designated the name Sally for a 2020 Atlantic storm, and in the event that it makes landfall in Florida as a hurricane, then you will need to know where to turn in order to get much-needed legal help filing a claim after Hurricane Sally.

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Hire an Attorney Today For Your Hurricane Claim

If you suffer any damage to your home or personal property during the 2020 hurricane season, then you will likely need to file a claim with your homeowner’s policy. You pay into your homeowner’s insurance policy diligently, but even so, your insurance company can be frustratingly difficult to deal with as you attempt to get the money that you are entitled to. This is where the support of an attorney can be incredibly helpful.

1-800-Injured can connect you to an attorney with ease so that you can focus on the other aspects of moving forward after a hurricane with the confidence that you have a legal professional on your side. Read more below to get an idea of some of the most common claims that are filed in Florida each year after a hurricane, and contact us now to be connected with an attorney as soon as possible to start your own claim.

Common Hurricane Claims in Florida

The following are just a few examples of damages that are common during Florida hurricanes, but this list is not intended to be comprehensive. The attorneys that you have access to through our network will be able to explain to you the damages that you are able to claim, which may include some of the following, and likely include many others.

Damage to Vehicles

During a hurricane, your vehicle is exposed to all sorts of hazards including falling trees and branches, flooding, flying debris, hail, and more. Trying to determine which insurance policy you should be filing your vehicle claim with can be confusing, but even more confusing is the actual claims process as you attempt to negotiate for the money you actually deserve. Your lawyer will be able to help you will all of these issues.


Florida’s extensive coastlines and inland waterways are one of the many things that make our state wonderful and unique, but when these features are paired with high winds and heavy rains during a hurricane, the results can be less than postcard-worthy. In the event that your home is exposed to flooding, there are many individual impacts that you will need to explore as you calculate the extent of the damage, and an attorney can help you understand how to calculate the actual impact of the damages and the payment that you are entitled to.

Fallen Trees

Falling trees are extremely common in any weather event that has high wind or heavy rain, but the process of collecting compensation after a fallen tree damages your property can be more complicated than you would expect for such a common event. Your lawyer will be able to walk you through this entire process so that when you submit your claim, you will be confident that you have taken the necessary steps to boost your chances of a payment that you actually deserve.

Additional Common Claims After Florida Hurricanes:

  • Broken Windows
  • Damaged Roofs
  • Electrical and Fire Damage
  • Personal Property Damage
  • Damage to Clothing
  • Lost Wages

Why Find an Attorney Through 1-800-Injured?

Trying to even begin quantifying the damage that your home and property have suffered can be complicated, and when you are trying to juggle the process of completing a claim with a multitude of insurance companies and policies, you can quickly become overwhelmed. Working with an attorney is one of the best ways to give yourself the support system necessary to get through this process with your sanity intact.

Unfortunately, finding a lawyer can be equally complicated if you try to do it alone. 1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service that will provide you with access to a robust network of attorneys who are available for free initial consultations, and who are ready to take your hurricane claim on as soon as possible. By going through this network, you will be able to take back valuable time that can be spent focusing on your needs and getting your life back on track.