The World Meteorological Society is in charge of designating names for upcoming storms in both the Atlantic and the Pacific, and Vicky is on the list for potential 2020 storms. In the event that Florida is hit with an upgraded Hurricane Vicky, it is important that you know how to go about filing a claim with your homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, or seeking compensation from any other insurance policy that you have that covers property that is damaged in a hurricane. Filing a claim after hurricane damages is simple enough, but the reality is that getting the money that you deserve is more complicated than your insurance company would like you to believe.

Hire an Attorney Today For Your Hurricane Claim

As with any insurance claim, the insurance company’s primary focus is to settle your claim for as little money as possible in order to protect their own bottom line. Your claim in the event of Hurricane Vicky will be no different, meaning that you will need to aggressively advocate for yourself in order to get the money that you are entitled to. You pay your insurance and are right to demand a fair amount.

1-800-Injured can connect you with an experienced attorney who is ready to help you navigate the complexities of a hurricane claim in a way that can maximize your chances of getting the amount you deserve. Filing a claim on your own is overwhelming and exhausting, but when you are partnered with someone who understands the process, you can focus on getting your life back on track without the additional emotional burdens that come with insurance claims.

Read more below to learn a bit more about common hurricane claims and damages in Florida, and contact us as soon as possible to be connected to an attorney for free. 

Common Hurricane Claims in Florida

Hurricanes are dangerous and unpredictable, and the damage that they cause is unique to the storm and the specifics of the circumstances. However, the following are just a few examples of common damages that are claimed in Florida following hurricanes, and will likely be claimed in the event that we experience Hurricane Vicky.

Personal Property Damage

Damage to other personal property inside your home, such as electronics and other valuable items can also be common, especially when a window is broken or your roof is punctured and the rest of your possessions are exposed to water damage and other elements. Often, this type of damage will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance, but you will need to make sure that you know how to file and how to calculate the actual damages that you have incurred so that you can get the money you need.


The combination of high winds and high rains in a hurricane can lead to a serious storm surge, putting hundreds of thousands of Floridians living along the coast at risk of flood damage. Flood water can get into your basement and lead to serious issues with dangerous mold, not to mention the water damage to your property that was exposed to the flooding. Calculating the totality of the damage is more than simply getting a quote for flood repair – you need to identify every single area that has been impacted.

Fallen Trees

High winds and tall trees spell disaster for roof ridges, cars, garages, and all sorts of other property, not to mention the electrical wires that they may pull down that cause all sorts of secondary damage like housefires or the risk of electrocution. Trying to get a payment for a fallen tree is more complicated than you may initially think because the insurance company will need all sorts of information about the condition of the tree before it fell, where it was located, and more.

Damage to Vehicles

Flood water, falling branches, flying debris, and all sorts of other hazards of a hurricane can spell disaster for your car. Depending on how your vehicle was damaged, you will need to determine which insurance policy to file a claim with and will need to go through a variety of steps in order to determine the repair or replacement cost. An attorney will be a great advocate for you throughout this process, as filing for vehicle damage can be surprisingly frustrating after a hurricane.

Why Find an Attorney Through 1-800-Injured?

After a hurricane, trying to understand where to go next in order to get the money that you need to move forward with your life can be overwhelming. Finding an attorney does not need to add to this stress, especially when you are connected with a lawyer through 1-800-Injured, an attorney and medical services referral network.

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