Hurricane Walter Claims

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted that the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season will be above normal, forecasting that there will be 10 to 16 named storms, of which five to nine will become hurricanes, including two to four major hurricanes.

One name on the list of potential tropical cyclones (a cyclone must have winds of at least 34 knots [39 mph, 63 km/h] to be given a name by the National Hurricane Center) is Walter. For Walter or any other potential cyclone to be upgraded to a hurricane,  sustained winds of at least 74 knots (85 mph, 137 km/h) are required.

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center says that a combination of several climate factors favors an above-normal season. These include La Niña conditions in the tropical Pacific Ocean, which tend to create more wind shear (the difference in wind speed and direction at different altitudes) over the Caribbean and Atlantic waters that can tear storms apart, there is also a building area of high pressure in the upper atmosphere over the Atlantic, which also inhibits storm development; and unusually warm ocean temperatures in parts of the Atlantic basin.

Preparing For the 2022 Hurricane Season in Florida

If all of this information sounds alarming, stay calm:  NOAA’s predictions are far from certain, and none of this is to say that Florida is guaranteed to be hit with a series of catastrophic storms. It’s still too early to tell precisely where storms will form and which areas will be most affected, and as Floridians, we know a thing or two about getting through hurricane season. After all, it comes every year!

What is important is that Floridians (and everyone else in hurricane-prone areas) take the time to prepare for the upcoming season. This means making sure you have a hurricane evacuation plan, stocking up on supplies, and knowing your insurance coverage. In the event that your home or business suffers damage from a hurricane, it is equally important to understand the value of working with an attorney to get the money you deserve.

Why Work With a Lawyer To File a Hurricane Claim?

If your home or business is damaged by a hurricane, you will likely have to file an insurance claim. The process can be complicated and time-consuming, and if you don’t have experience dealing with insurance companies, you may not get the full amount of money you are entitled to.

An experienced hurricane damage lawyer can help you navigate the claims process and make sure you get the maximum amount of money you are entitled to. A lawyer can also help if your claim is denied or if the insurance company tries to lowball you.

Contact 1-800-Injured To Find a Lawyer In Your Area

If you need to file a hurricane damage claim, contact 1-800-Injured as soon as possible to be connected with a hurricane claims lawyer for a free consultation. 1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service that can make finding a lawyer in your area simple — an important benefit after a hurricane when you need to focus on getting your life back on track.