Fractures and Broken Bone Injury

Fractures and broken bones can be sustained from a wide range of accidents and traumas, and can have a serious impact on the victim’s life while they are recovering. In addition, certain bone injuries may cause permanent nerve damage or a variety of other symptoms. If you have suffered from a bone fracture as a result of another party’s actions or negligence, you may be entitled to seek compensation in the form of a personal injury lawsuit. In a personal injury case, you will seek damages for the expenses and loss of income you have suffered, as well as the “intangible” impacts that such an injury has on your life, such as the pain you have endured, and more.

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How Do Bone Fractures Happen?

Bone fractures are most often a result of a trauma event where the bone experiences a high impact and the actual bone structure breaks apart as a result. Some of the most common causes of bone fractures that end up with personal injury lawsuits are:

Car Accidents

In a car accident, fractures are one of the most common injuries beyond bruising and whiplash. When two vehicles collide at a high speed, the velocity that the passengers hit the doors, dashboard, or something else can cause broken bones. If the accident was caused because someone else was driving recklessly or irresponsibly, they can be held liable for personal injury damages that go beyond medical bills.

Pedestrian Injuries

Pedestrians are always at a higher risk of injury in an accident with a car since they obviously do not have a metal frame around them that can absorb some of the impact. When a driver violates traffic laws such as not yielding to a pedestrian in a crosswalk, or even driving up onto a sidewalk while they are distracted, that driver is responsible for the accident and will likely be required to pay damages to the victim.

Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycles are very enjoyable to ride, but they also put the driver at a higher risk of injuries or death when involved in an accident, considering (much like pedestrians) the lack of structure protecting the driver and passenger from direct impact and the G-force of the crash. Getting a leg or arm pinched between the motorcycle and the ground, or motorcycle and the car, and can crush the bone.

Drunk Driving

Any of the three above injuries can happen with sober drivers, but when a person has been drinking and decides to operate a vehicle, they are putting everyone around them at a greater risk of an accident. If there is an accident and the other driver is drunk and caused it, then there is a strong basis for seeking additional personal injury damages from them, as they have violated laws and their duty to keep surrounding travelers safe.


During an assault, there are many different ways that someone can have a bone fractured. Whether the assailant is using a weapon or not, high impacts on the body increase the risk of breaks significantly. Assault is a criminal offense, but may also be heard in a civil court.

Slip and Fall

A slip and fall case is a “premise liability,” where the victim alleges that the party responsible for the management of the property they were injured on failed to keep a safe environment. This could be something like icy stairs, unsafe handrails, broken step treads, or anything else that creates a hazardous environment. Slipping and falling can certainly cause broken bones.

Broken Bone Personal Injury Lawsuits

In order for an injury to be considered in civil court, the circumstances surrounding the injury must have a certain set of factors. It must be provable that the injury was caused by the other party, and that the other party had a duty to keep the victim safe that they had failed. In addition, the injuries must be significant and have financial impacts on the victim’s life, meaning that a light bruise after a fender bender will not be substantial enough for a personal injury lawsuit.

However, in most cases where it is clear that the other party was responsible for the incident that caused a broken bone, there is a greater chance that the case will be heard in a civil court. Broken bones cause financial damage in the form of medical bills, but also lost wages as reduced earning capacity. In addition, the victim may be able to seek non-economic damages such as pain and suffering compensation for the psychological and non-financial impacts of the broken bone. An experienced personal injury attorney will understand the most appropriate options to pursue during the lawsuit and will build a case that accurately and fairly compensates the victim for their experience.

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