Sensory-Loss Injury

When someone has their spinal cord injured in an accident, there is a high risk that they will suffer sensory damages or complete loss to one or more of their senses. When this happens, there are many more things than just the loss of the sense that will negatively impact their life, and it is important that their attorney works hard to present these impacts as clearly and extensively as possible to a judge and jury. Personal injury lawsuits cover the financial impacts of an injury that another party cause, but they additionally address the non-economic impacts that can have a wide range of effects on the victim.

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Read more about the causes and impacts of sensory-loss injuries and some ways that your attorney will work to get you the justice that you deserve. Even if you don’t notice an injury or a find your injury to be similar to any of the following examples, you may still require the services of a personal injury attorney. 1800-Injured can connect you with an experienced lawyer in your area.

How Does Sensory Loss Occur?

Sensory loss can occur from an injury of the brain or spine and can come in a variety of symptoms that may be either temporary or permanent depending on the situation, the cause of the sensory loss, and the medical attention that the victim receives. Because of the complicated nature of both brain injuries and spinal cord damage, no two accidents are alike and no two sensory-loss issues have the same causes or effects.

Take a look below at an overview of spinal cord injuries and brain injuries that may lead to sensory loss.

Sensory Loss From a Spinal Injury

Severe spinal injuries are most commonly associated with partial or full paralysis, which are both forms of sensory loss but may also impact sensory functions in other ways such as loss of feeling or diminished motor abilities in certain extremities. Depending on where along the spinal cord the injury took place, the victim may lose feeling in some or all of their extremities in addition to their loss of motor abilities.

Sensory Loss From a Brain Injury

The brain is, without question, the most complex organ in humans, and an injury to the brain can cause issues that science is yet to understand. That said, there are some common sensory-loss issues that someone can experience from a brain injury, depending on the type of injury, the location of the injury, and more.

Because the brain is so complex, it is nearly impossible to say that a certain injury will cause a certain type of sensory loss. For example, one person may have a brain injury and lose their sight, while another person with seemingly the same injury may lose their senses of smell and taste or hearing. Whatever the sensory loss, it is important that these injury victims are compensated in a personal injury lawsuit.

Sensory-Loss Injury Lawsuits

Sensory loss does not generally occur without some sort of cause, and when sensory loss is an issue in a personal injury lawsuit, it is likely just one factor in a series of additional impacts or injuries. In any case, the impacts of the sensory loss will be addressed individually as an injury deserving compensation, and your attorney will work with you, as well as with any special witnesses or experts, to determine the appropriate recourse for your losses.

Sensory-loss lawsuits may come in many different forms. If a person was a professional artist and lost their sight in an accident, or if they were a professional chef and lost their taste, the attorney would likely need to incorporate this sensory loss into their earning capacity from before and after the accident, whereas someone who does not rely on their sense of taste for their income will certainly seek economic and non-economic damages for the loss, but will not factor in their earning potential.

Your attorney will build a case that tells the entire story to the judge and jury during your lawsuit, making it clear why you are owed the amount that you are seeking because of the negative impact that this sensory loss has had on your life.

Economic Damages

Economic damages in a personal injury lawsuit are intended to compensate the victim (and their insurance company) for the expenses paid for medical treatment, procedures, and recovery, as well as any lost wages and other issues with an actual monetary value attached to them. In addition, your attorney will determine the likelihood of any future medical expenses, as well as any impacts to your long-term earning capacity, and factor those in as part of the compensatory damages you are asking for.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are also considered “compensatory,” but address issues that come along with an accident that do not have accepted, measurable monetary values associated with them. This can include things like pain and suffering, anguish, depression, and loss of interest in hobbies that the victim used to take pleasure in. There are many different non-economic damages that victims suffer, and each personal injury lawsuit is different depending on the victim’s experience and situation.

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