Backup Accidents

Parking lot

ne of the most frustrating types of accidents to be involved in is a backup accident, especially when you see it happening in slow motion, but can do nothing to stop it. When someone puts their vehicle in reverse and starts backing up—out of a parking spot, a driveway, while turning around, or for any other reason—it is up to them to make sure that they have checked their blind spots, are aware of all possible hazards around them, and stay vigilant until they have completed the maneuver and can then begin looking forward again.

If you have been hurt in a backup accident, then you have a right to compensation as the victim in this situation. Trying to get the money that you rightfully deserve from an insurance company after an accident can be an exceptionally frustrating experience, especially as your bills start to pile up and your wages are seriously impacted due to your limitations due to the injury. Instead of trying to work with the insurance company on your own (and, more importantly, instead of accepting the low offer that the insurance company wants you to accept), partner with a personal injury attorney to get what you deserve.

1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service. If you have been injured due to a backup accident, medical malpractice, or any other type of injury that someone else caused, we can connect you with an attorney who is ready to take your case today. In the early days and weeks after an accident, the last thing that you should be worrying about is how to find an attorney, managing emails back and forth, hoping that they are available, and making the stressful decision of choosing a lawyer on your own. We are here to help.

What To Do After a Backup Accident

Call 911

Typically, an accident caused by someone backing up is a low-speed collision, and even if someone is injured there may be pressure to not call 911 or “make a big deal out of it.” However, it is very important that you call 911 as soon as you are in an accident, both to make sure that you or anyone else injured gets appropriate medical attention immediately, and, equally importantly, to protect yourself from any unnecessary legal liability.

When you call 911, the operator will alert the police and fire departments and the local EMT service that there has been an accident. Once they arrive at the scene, the fire department will mitigate any hazards or risks while EMTs administer emergency medicine, and the officer on the scene creates an accident report. This report will include statements from you and anyone else involved in the accident, as well as any eyewitnesses, and will help to make clear who is actually at fault for the accident.

See a Doctor

If you have been injured at all, and even if you find yourself unsure if you are actually injured, seeing your primary care physician is extremely important. If you have suffered serious injuries at the scene of the accident then this step may not be much of a stretch, but when you are able to leave the accident under your own power it can be easy to want to just shake it off and get on with your life.

When you see a doctor, you are most importantly getting focused on medical care to make sure that all possible complications are addressed. In addition, you are establishing a medical record of your injuries, which will be central to your insurance claim. If you claim injuries without evidence, the insurance company will likely refuse to pay for it.

Get a Lawyer

As soon as you are able, contact a personal injury attorney who can help you make sense of your situation and give guidance on how to move forward with your case. Before you even submit your claim to the insurance company, speak with an attorney about the accident, explain what steps you have already taken, and get a sense of the most appropriate path forward. 

When you hire an attorney, you can give all of your attention to your recovery while they are able to handle the administrative work. Remember that the insurance company is not there to give you the money that you deserve and that their primary focus is on saving as much money as possible while still resolving the claim. When your lawyer is handling this process, they will fight for what you are truly owed without you having to take on this burden.