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Working with a licensed medical professional for any sort of medical issue can be an anxiety-filled experience for anyone, but our fear is often alleviated with the knowledge that a licensed care provider is legally and professionally obligated to provide prudent care meant to avoid additional harm and work towards a positive health outcome. In most cases, working with a doctor or other medical professional helps us get the care we need, but there are an unfortunate number of examples each year of medical professionals failing to provide the necessary care to a patient and instead causing avoidable injury or death.

When a medical provider causes avoidable harm to a patient by violating their duty of care, they may be guilty of medical malpractice and therefore liable for a range of damages that the patient (or their surviving family members, in the event of wrongful death) is entitled to. Trying to make sense of a medical malpractice injury can be difficult, and determining whether or not negligence or recklessness factored into your health outcome can be overwhelming — especially as you try to determine what next steps you should take to work on recovery and getting the actual care you need. Partnering with a personal injury attorney is one of the best ways to get the legal support you deserve while also focusing on recovering from this situation as best as possible. 

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1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service. Instead of trying to take on the task of finding an attorney on your own while trying to make sense of your medical injuries simultaneously, we will handle this step on your behalf. Once we find a Jacksonville attorney available to take your case, we will schedule a free consultation on your behalf so you can speak directly with them about your situation and get specific answers to your many legal questions. 

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Take a look below to get a better idea of how medical malpractice claims work in Florida, and contact us as soon as possible to connect with a lawyer who is ready to fight for the money you deserve after such a painful and difficult experience.

Common Examples of Medical Malpractice in Florida

The following are just a few of the many ways that a medical professional can engage in malpractice. Whether or not you see your situation listed below, contact us as soon as possible to connect with an attorney and learn about your specific rights and options given your unique circumstances. 

Misdiagnosis or Failure to Diagnose

When a patient comes to a doctor with an illness or malady, the doctor is expected to go through the established and proven methods of identifying or ruling out different issues causing the problem. Once they have gone through the proper procedures, they will diagnose the issue and then suggest an appropriate treatment plan to help their patient. 

A second opinion is always recommended after any diagnosis to eliminate the possibility of a misdiagnosis, but a doctor is expected to be able to provide a clear and accurate diagnosis in order to develop a treatment plan.

Prescribing Errors

When a doctor prescribes a medication, it is their responsibility to account for the patient’s medical history, any other medicines they are taking that could have bad interactions and all other factors that could lead to safety or health issues. Many different medications have dangerous side effects that can be magnified due to pre-existing medical conditions, and mixing certain medications can cause severe or fatal injuries. 

In addition to your doctor’s responsibility to ensure that the medication they prescribe is safe for you, the pharmacist must be certain that they are dispensing the exact quantity and dosage of the specific medication. Errors during a prescription being filled can also lead to dangerous or deadly outcomes that a patient is not responsible for checking.

Inappropriate Treatments

Even after a doctor accurately diagnoses a medical issue, they must recommend a treatment plan based on existing medical conventions and exercise the most prudent options available. “Alternative” or unapproved treatments can lead to serious health problems, worsening conditions, injuries stemming from the treatments itself, or even death. 

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or death as a result of inappropriate treatment, you deserve legal support to ensure that you do not take on the financial impacts of someone else’s reckless or dangerous medical care. 

Surgical Errors

Surgical errors — such as performing the wrong surgery, leaving tools inside a patient, and more — are shockingly common in the United States. Errors can be due to paperwork mixups, miscommunications, simple lapses of attention or judgment, and many other reasons. Still, regardless of why your surgical error happened, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. 

After a surgical injury, a patient will likely need additional treatment to both recover from the surgical issue as well as to get care for the actual issue they were originally being treated for, both of which will have severe impacts on the patient’s quality of life and ability to go about their daily business without serious inconveniences. These impacts and more all entitle a victim to compensation.

Birth Injuries

There are many different ways that a child can be injured during childbirth, and many of these injuries can cause serious or lasting damage. Things like brachial palsy, bruising or surgical tool injuries, fractures, facial lacerations, and more can all have serious impacts on both a child and the parents’ lives as they try to adjust to the care and additional treatment that the child or mother may need after these types of injuries. 

After welcoming a new child to the world, trying to take on extensive legal work can feel impossible — and getting the money you deserve can feel even more impossible than handling the process at all — so partnering with an attorney is one of the best ways to ensure that both mother and child get the rest and recovery they need while a diligent and proven legal professional is fighting for the compensation the victims are rightfully owed.