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Motorcycle riding

Because of their relatively smaller mass and the fact that motorcycle riders don’t have the same safety advantages of cars and trucks (i.e. seat belts, airbags, and crumple zones) motorcycle accident injuries tend to be much more severe than injuries caused by car collisions. Most experienced motorcyclists know that they must take additional precautions to avoid being sideswiped, rear-ended, or otherwise struck by motor vehicles. But no level of care can erase the danger presented by a careless or distracted driver who just doesn’t notice the smaller profile of a bike.

If you’ve been injured while riding a motorcycle in Jacksonville, you’re entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service that connects motorcycle accident victims with personal injury lawyers in their area. The attorneys in our referral network all offer free consultations and work on a contingency basis, so you never have to pay out of pocket. 

Common Types of Jacksonville Motorcycle Accidents

While there are many similarities between car accidents and motorcycle accidents, the higher speeds, smaller visual profile, and lack of protection make motorcyclists more vulnerable to certain types of accidents. Here are a few of the most common types of motorcycle accidents we see in Jacksonville. 

Sideswipe – Motorcycles are smaller than cars, which is why they have a greater vulnerability to this type of crash. Most cars have a blind spot, where the rear post blocks the driver’s view of portions of the adjacent lanes. Drivers are responsible for making sure the lane is clear before they move into it, but many drivers fail to check this blindspot.

Rear End Collision – Motorcycles are frequently hit while stopped for red lights and stop signs. While drivers should be able to see a motorcyclist stopped in the roadway, they’re frequently distracted and expecting to notice a larger vehicle. Even a low-speed rear-end collision can be dangerous on a motorcycle.

Wipeout Accidents – Not all single motorcycle crashes are the rider’s fault. Debris in the roadway, for instance, can cause the safest of riders to wipe out. If you’ve wiped out while riding your bike, you may still be entitled to damages.

Regardless of the nature of the accident, if you’ve been hurt, you should speak to an attorney before agreeing to any sort of settlement from an insurance company or claims adjustor. 

Elements of a Motorcycle Accident Settlement

If you’ve ever been in a minor accident without injuries, your concern probably didn’t extend past recovering the cost of repairing your vehicle and maybe renting a car while yours was being repaired. An accident with minor injuries, however, presents a much more complicated set of factors for both adjusters and motorcycle accident attorneys. 

Economic Damages

Economic damages include any costs that can be readily calculated in terms of monetary loss. These costs may include hospitalization, prescription medicine, physical therapy, follow-up visits to your doctor, lost wages from missed work, and repair or replacement costs for your motorcycle. 

Non-Economic Damages

Accidents are traumatic events with often long-reaching effects. This is where non-economic damages—also referred to as “pain and suffering”—factor in. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may experience physical pain and psychological trauma, but your injuries can also prevent you from enjoying life and pursuing opportunities. This is where a Jacksonville personal injury attorney can assist you in making a full and fair recovery.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

In 2018, the state of Florida had 8,959 motorcycle accidents. Only 13.6 percent of those were reported to have no injuries. Duval County alone had 435 motorcycle crashes with 19 fatalities. Over a three-year span, Duval County had 69 motorcycle-crash fatalities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Accident Cases

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions that the attorneys in the 1-800-Injured referral network hear from clients.

For most types of accidents, the state of Florida has a four-year statute of limitations from the date of the collision to file a claim. You should, however, discuss your case with an attorney as soon as possible, as valuable evidence may be lost.

You can, of course, file a claim through your insurance company without using an attorney. If you have even minor injuries, however, you should discuss your case with a professional Jacksonville motorcycle injury lawyer. Insurance adjusters are notorious for lowballing settlement offers in order to quickly settle a claim. A motorcycle personal injury lawyer will have the proper experience to know how much you should receive once all of your economic and non-economic damages are factored in.

The attorneys who work with the 1-800-Injured network work on a contingency basis, which means that they do not collect any fees unless you win your case. You will never have to pay out of pocket.

Jacksonville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

When you call 1-800-Injured, you will be connected to a law office in our network to discuss your case. The attorneys in our network are locally based and have extensive experience in handling motorcycle crash cases. Your health and recovery are of vital importance. Do not take chances. Call 1-800-Injured today.