Elmiron Side Effects

If you have taken pentosan polysulfate PPS, more commonly known by its commercial name Elmiron, to help with bladder pain relating to interstitial cystitis, then you may already be aware of the fact that there are numerous lawsuits against major drug manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, and Teva because of links to maculopathy and a number of other eye injuries and taking this popular medication. However, understanding what to do with this information can be a daunting decision to make, and one that has many implications that come along with it. As a victim of the prescription drug companies’ decisions to release this dangerous drug without disclosing these harmful side effects, you are entitled to compensation that an experienced law firm like Balkin & Mausner Injury Lawyers, LLP can help you get.

Whether or not you are certain that you have suffered from serious side effects directly relating to Elmiron or not, it is important to discuss your injuries with an attorney to get a better understanding of how these two things could possibly be related. The law firms representing the major drug manufacturers who are the defendants in these lawsuits are working aggressively to confuse the link between taking the medication and the specific injuries that a patient has suffered, so it is important that you work with a law firm who is prepared to fight for what is right.

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We understand that the decision to hire a law firm can be daunting, and the thought of taking on enormous legal fees is an understandable deterrent to hiring a team of experienced attorneys to represent your Elmiron case. This is one of the reasons that Balkin & Mausner Injury Lawyers, LLP works on contingency fees, meaning that you will not pay a dollar unless we win your case. Comprehensive legal representation in these types of cases should be available to all victims, so by ensuring that you will not pay a dollar out of pocket — or upfront — you can be confident that you, too, can hire an aggressive personal injury attorney.

Read more below about Elmiron side effects, including eye injuries that are at the center of the ongoing lawsuits against the major prescription companies who produce and distribute Elmiron, and contact our firm as soon as possible so that you can speak directly with an attorney about your unique situation and how we can help you move forward towards the money that you rightfully deserve.

Common Side Effects of Elmiron

The following are a few of the most common long-term side effects caused by Elmiron. Whether or not you see your own side effects mentioned below, contact our firm today if you have suffered from any sort of eye injury during the course of taking this popular interstitial cystitis medication.

Pigmentary Maculopathy

On May 22, 2018, the first study was released indicating that Elmiron was linked to pigmentary maculopathy, serious eye damage that is caused by ongoing exposure to Elmiron. The study described “a novel and possibly avoidable maculopathy associated with chronic exposure to PPS. Patients reported symptoms of difficulty reading and prolonged dark adaptation despite generally intact visual acuity and subtle funduscopic findings. Multimodal imaging and functional studies are suggestive of a primary RPE injury. Additional investigation is warranted to explore causality further.”

Hair Loss

Hair loss, both minor and major, have been shown to be a side effect for certain patients who take Elmiron over an extended period of time.


Diarrhea is one symptom that an Elmiron patient may experience, either intermittently or due to changes in dosages, schedule, and more. Your doctor may be able to work with you to seek solutions to this issue.


Some patients have reported feeling nauseous after taking Elmiron, which may be a short-term issue or may mean that these side effects may be ongoing and will require additional intervention or alternative solutions.

Blood in Stool

If you experience black, tarry stool while taking Elmiron, it is important that you contact your doctor immediately so that you can get examined and seek an alternative solution to bladder pain relating to interstitial cystitis. Blood in your stool is an indication of more serious issues in many cases.


Normal usage of Elmiron may be linked to headaches, but you and your doctor can work together to find ways that you may alleviate these symptoms and continue to use Elmiron to help with the bladder pain associated with interstitial cystitis.


If you begin to experience a bothersome rash after starting to take Elmiron, contact your doctor so that they can help you explore alternatives or ways to reduce the impact that this side effect has on your life while you continue to enjoy the positive benefits of Elmiron and reduced bladder pain.

Upset Stomach

An upset stomach is a common side effect for many prescriptions, and you might be able to work with your doctor to find a way to reduce your stomach issues such as taking the medication with food or finding another medication or product that can help to alleviate this discomfort.


Dizziness may or may not come along with headaches and other side effects relating to Elmiron, and can be dangerous if you are driving, operating heavy machinery, or in other situations where your motor skills and balance are necessary. Make sure that you are aware of the side effects you experience while taking Elmiron before engaging in dangerous activities.


Since Elmiron acts as a blood thinner in addition to helping with the coating of your bladder, it can lead to additional bruising as the capillaries are unable to heal because your blood takes longer to coagulate. Minor bruising may not be a serious issue, but if you are suffering serious or painful bruising then you must speak with your doctor immediately.